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6 Best Types of Tiles To Use For Indian Floors

There is wide range of floor tiles available in Indian market to go with. Floor tiles have got various qualities like they are easy to install, durable, cost effective, attractive and low maintenance which really allow builders and architects to go with while constructing a home or an apartment.

As there are numerous options for floor tiles, the biggest question is which one to opt and go with. Hence to make your job easy, today we are bringing best 6 types of tiles that you can use in India. These tiles will help you to save money and these are durable as well.

Tiles: Perfect 6 for Indian Floors

1. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles looks very attractive and thus people love to have them on the floor. These tiles are developed with the mixture of minerals, natural clay, chemical additives, water and color pigments. This mixture is then heated to high temperatures and desired tile shape is given.

Ceramic tiles install on bathroom floor

Ceramic tiles install on bathroom floor

These tiles come in different shapes, sizes and finishes. Glossy, matte and lapatto (also considered as semi-matte) are the popular finishes constructors use to install on floors.


The biggest drawback of ceramic tiles is they have got tendency of cracking very quickly. Not only constructor will have to install with lot of care but also home owner/family members will have to look that no heavy object can fall on the floor as it can damage the floor tile.

Glazed ceramic tiles can be slippery. Hence one need to be careful while choosing ceramic tiles. Better to avoid these glazed ceramic tiles.

Pro Tip

The best type of ceramic tiles one can use for floors is Group-4 or Group-5 tiles. These are good quality tiles in many prospects like durability, cost-effective and easily available. Somany Ceramics and Kajaria Ceramics are the popular brands to go with.

2. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are much better and reliable than ceramic tiles although they are one of the types of ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are developed with better clay and mineral components. Extreme high temperature is helpful to increase tile’s strength.

Porcelain Tiles installation on kitchen floor

Porcelain Tiles installation on kitchen floor

Such kind of tiles are used at high foot traffic areas as these are strong enough not to get broken easily. It is not easy to damage Porcelain tiles as compared to ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are more dense than ceramic that makes them perfect choice to to with.

Pro Tip

Professional interior decorator Pooja Khanna Tyagi from Delhi said, “It is advisable to go for rectified or joint-free tiles, where the edges of the tile are cut after they are kiln-baked, to get precision in size. For a neat and seamless look, use epoxy grouting and maintain a gap of at least 2 millimetres between each tile.”

3. Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles looks just like natural marble. However their properties don’t meet with marble but they possess some best qualities that makes them popular in the Indian construction market. Vitrified tiles are stronger than above two types. These type of tiles don’t get dull quickly and are resistant.

Vitrified Tiles install on living room floor

Vitrified Tiles install on living room floor

Vitrification process is used to develop this kind of tiles. Clay and quartz materials are used in vitrification process at high temperature to manufacture a strong and shiny tile material.

The best part of vitrified tiles is that they come in 2 x 2 feet or bigger in sizes that makes their installment easy. When we use large size pieces, there will be less joints and it will enhance the beauty of floor and home for sure. Kajaria and Nitco are the famous brands for vitrified tiles manufacturing.

4. Terrazzo Tiles

Granite, natural marble and quartz chippings are the major components of terrazzo tiles composition. Concrete or resign base is used with above mentioned ingredients to form terrazzo tiles.

Marble or stone chips are exposed on concrete surface to manufacture Terrazzo Tiles. After exposing, polishing is done to give the final finishing to the tile.

White Terrazzo Tiles install on living area floor

White Terrazzo Tiles install on living area floor

The biggest benefit of using terrazzo tiles is that it’s lifetime is better than other type of tiles and also it can be refinished and polished to get fresh look again. Terrazzo tiles are scratch resistant and low in maintenance, hence we can choose these tiles for Indian floors.

5. Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are made of Marble, sandstone, granite, slate and travertine. Unique designs and patterns we can get in these type of tiles as stone tiles are developed with natural stones which have different colour and texture.

Stone tiles install on bathroom floor

Stone tiles install on bathroom floor

Pro Tip

Don’t use acid cleaner or soap based cleaners on regular basis on these type of tiles to clean the floor as they have tendency to damage the surface.

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6. Cement Tiles

Cement tiles are also popular as encaustic cement tiles. Old-aged Indian homes have such kind of tiles on the floor. These tiles come in traditional patterns and designs and look very stunning. Still in small villages and towns, constructors use to install cement tiles.

Cement tiles on bathroom floor

Cement tiles on bathroom floor

To get beautiful patterns on the floor, 4 sets of tiles use while installing them. Bharat Floorings are the leading manufacturers of cement tiles.

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Final thoughts

While some choose concrete floors, just like what they do in stamped concrete Las Vegas, more people are opting to have floor tiles as per their taste and budget as well. However in India, people love to save money while decorating/designing home as possible as they can. Hence they prefer to buy tiles in low cost. So choose wisely as all types of tiles don’t have big difference in the price.


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