Library in living room

6 ideas for Stylish And Functional Library in Living Room

If you cannot get enough of inhaling the fragrance of both old and newly printed books, then why not create your niche library in the living room?

Libraries in the living room are sheer treasures among book lovers, and those who enjoy a quiet read at the end of a long working day. It looks classy and indeed stylish too.

Library in living room

If you wish to add some panache and sophistication to your living room with a library, then here are some ideas.

1. Along the cascading staircase

Setting up your compact library around a cascading staircase that leads to your living room is ultimate stylish! The aesthetic of your living room will climb up a few notches, and the steps will allow readers to access the shelves effortlessly.

You would not need an additional ladder, because the stops along each shelf will give you what you need! The USP of this design will occupy only the unused space from your living room, the area behind the staircase, and it will create the illusion of a larger living room as well.

2. Pushing the sofa

Most of our living rooms are designed in a way to offer us comfort at the end of a tiring day at work! To accommodate a comfy library here, all you have to do is to move the sofa a bit away from the wall to free up ample space. If you are worried about lesser floor space in your living room, then go for narrow bookshelves, and you will be mesmerized with your handy-work.

3. Smartly utilizing every inch of space available

If your living room does not offer you much space, then there is no need to sulk because of this! You can make up for it by building shelves on narrow gaps between doors, windows, etc. Imagine stacking up your books vertically from the ceiling to the floor, and you can even place books horizontally where you are getting a larger space.

4. Adding a pinch of warmth

Take a look at your living room and see whether it is looking pale and cold. If your living room is large then it can give out some cold vibes with scantily placed furniture. Build a bookcase around one wall and it will give you the illusion of a featured wall and for the other wall, you can go for patterned or abstract wallpaper.

Beautiful sofa in living room library

5. Sectioning a long living space

This idea is ideal for inhabitants of not large but long living rooms, and it involves using the bookshelf as a section of your room. You can zone one area from the next by following this idea while filling your otherwise sophisticated living room with a resource of knowledge.

6. Adding accessories

Who said that only books belong in bookcases? To spice up your living room decor, you can adorn it with keepsakes and artifacts and it will create a beautiful distraction as well.

If you think you can DIY any of these ideas, then go for it and create wonders to make space for the much loved age-old tradition.

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