Car Theme Boys Bedroom ideas and design.

7 mind blowing Ideas for Boys Bedroom

“Boys are blue, girls are red. Girls are cute, boys are bad.” Remember this game that most of us have played during our childhood. These lines were fine to play but it has nothing to do with reality as boys these days are more arranged and stylish.

Remember the trends when the ideal color for boy’s room was blue with a study table, poster, a bed, almirah and chair- the visualization of such arrangement will turn you dull but in reality boys room is far trendy today then one could think about.

Boy bedroom design, decor idea
Boy bedroom design, decor idea

Creating a stylish and trendy room for boy, it’s too simple

The old proverb that said boys live in reality and girls in fantasy holds no true today as the rooms of boys are equally stylish and full of that fantasy land that might take you to another land.

No matter whether you are with the mindset of creating a nursery , overhauling the den of your teen, in a mood of designing that vibrant play zone which every boy fantasy or those super hero themes, you could actually go to any extreme of your imagination while planning the bedroom of a boy. Let’s discuss few styles and mind blowing ideas one by one regarding boys room decoration.

7 Top Ideas for Boys Bedroom

Bright Colored Walls

The best suggestion will be to stick to some bright colors he is having a knack of pogonip look. Fun printed wall papers and stickers remain all time favorite in bright colored wall. It livens up the environment of the young boy’s bedroom. Though the traditional options are red and blue but don’t feel scared to try pastel shades or zingy yellow or crimson orange if you have craved for that uniqueness.

Bright colored walls bedroom decor for boys.
Bright colored walls bedroom decor for boys

Nautical Themes

Nautical themes never become outdated when it comes to boys bedroom. You can try almost everything including that big prints curtain, porthole designs or anything that pop up the room. Stripes will be a better selection as even a bit older boys will like them in their room.

Amazing boy bedroom decor ideas
Amazing boy bedroom decor ideas

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Sport Themes

If your son happens to be that die hard cricket lover then what about that vintage cricket fields with old cricket theme but perhaps better if confined to a single wall. Tranquility and elegance will be more. Painted floorboards could act wonder here and if you choose my favorite wooden floor here then he is going to love the look.

Sports Theme Bedroom Idea for Boys room.
Sports Theme Bedroom Idea for Boys

Spacious Modern Room

The requirement of storage space is paramount irrespective of his age. No matter what kind of storage you plan hanging, under bed or modular you need to hide all his belongings to give it a clean look. In case if two children are sharing the same room then you can try open- backed shelves.

Modern bedroom ideas for boys
Modern bedroom ideas for boys

Plain Background

Sometimes boys want their innovative ideas to run more in their room and if your son is one such person then ensure that the background of the room is plain where he can hang things or characters of his choice. The best part will be he can change them time to time without changing the whole interior.

Plain Background bedroom ideas for boys.
Plain Background bedroom for boys

Combination of Adult and Kid Theme

There are boys who even being a kid loves to behave like a grown up but if you put this whole idea into the room completely then he may grow older soon. It’s better to look for a good combination like a plain wooden study table with a funny study lamp or any such things.

Car Theme

Car always remains boy’s passion and irrespective of his age he never loses interest in car. Try to think about a theme that is associated with car like a bed in the shape of car or the walls painted with a combination of modern and vintage cars. He will love it forever!

Car Theme Boys Bedroom ideas and design.
Car Theme Boys Bedroom

These designs completely depend upon how much you know your child or their tastes and preference. You may come with better ideas at times but these are the best ones.

4 thoughts on “7 mind blowing Ideas for Boys Bedroom”

  1. Wow! All the great ideas with marvelous pictures shared on this post.

    So far I knew that girls are so fascinated by their rooms, but now boys are becoming very curious about it too.

    As a result, here’s your post which will surely help smart boys to arrange their rooms gorgeously.


  2. Such a cool blog, I just showed this to my son so that he can get some ideas too.
    Its very important that a kids room should be spacious and functional.
    As there choices keep changing.

  3. I own a house in Tucson, buying 13 acres (unimproved, and totally off grid) in NW New Mexico, and looking at a 84 psgr school bus to convert. This will give me base camps in 2 neighboring states, and the whole country to explore.

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