5 Personalised wall art ideas for living room.

5 Personalised wall art ideas for living room

Now a days people tend to like things which are more customized as per their requirements or how much similar something looks as per their own visualization of that particular thing. Walls of our homes are also coming under the same trend gradually with time, from being a single colored simple wall to a color matching furniture only or sometimes a wall with different texture or graphics than every other wall in home.

Canvas prints are also in trend these days, people like walls with color like every other wall in home and their favorite quote or image framed, placed or painted on it which look more customized than the usual ones. Let us check out 5 personalized wall art ideas that can convert your living room into an all together different place.

5 Personalised wall art ideas for living room.

Wall Art Ideas for Living Room

Canvas Art

You can have your favorite picture painted on a canvas board, it may be a modern art, any quote you like or any scenery view. Number canvas and their sizes depends on the wall and your choice, it totally depends on you because its customized.

Canvas art for living room wall.

One thing you will have to keep in mind is the wall color and the canvas art’s colors should both be complimenting each other otherwise it will be a distracting wall not attracting.

Wood Signs

Instead of having a canvas board on the wall you can hang up a wooden sign or board with the local attractions or tourists places you have in your city mentioned on it or the famous places you have visited on other countries or you can also name your to be destinations which you wish to travel. Also, you can have famous quotes or symbols carved on it.

Wood sign boards art for living room walls.

Framed Art

A very traditional and commonly used personalization is framed art. Earlier people used to simply get there pictures framed or any painting framed and hang on the wall. You can change the tradition by framing Dome tiles which are mixed-media shadowboxed (black with gold frames) set with ribbon accents and burlap fabric mat board.

Framed pictures to decorate living room wall

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It is traditional form of a textile art which is woven on a vertical loom, most of the time found in museums. Tapestry is a weft-faced weaving in which the completed work hides the warp threads unlike the cloth weaving.

Tapestry wall art for living room.

They are not framed or mounted on a wooden board, instead, one side of tapestry is hanged with a wooden rod. Their trendy and ancient look is very attractive and eye-catching also because of the finest work being done.

Wall Plaques & Sculptures

If you want to give a three-dimensional makeover and add characters and depth to your living room, you can use wall plaques and sculptures to change your style from classic to novelty. They are the most unique items for personalizing your room.

What do you think about these wall arts for living room? Do you like these? If yes then share your feedback in comments. 🙂

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