Wall art style for living room

A Brief Guide About How to Decorate Your Living Room

What is your favorite spot at home besides your room? It must be a place where you can relax, chill, and reflect. It must be your living room if it is not the kitchen (where all the food and other good stuff is). Since the pandemic has hit the globe, people are spending more time at home, which is why we have seen a massive shift towards DIY home renovation and home construction projects as people are striving to make their home aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and fun, as possible.

Wall art style for living room

Referring to the living room, it is the most important place of your home – it is where the hub of entertainment, the place for cozy movie nights, and the spot where you entertain your guests, which is why it is only natural that you would be super anxious about renovating and decorating your living room. Here is our brief guide to how you can decorate your living room in the best way.

Measure Everything

Before you go all-in with the living room décor and check out cool stuff, such as the black pendant light at Ivory & Deene and beautiful rugs, you must know your measurements before you go all in the living room. Many people make the mistake of skipping on measurement, which can cause damage, such as inaccurate window treatments, rugs, mal-fitting furniture, etc.

Beautiful living room designed for 3-bhk flat in Kolkata

Therefore, it is essential to know your living-room measurements before moving in new furniture and decorative pieces. While taking a measurement, make sure to include doors, windows, and the nooks and crannies of the walls. Once you have taken the measurements, make sure to keep the sketch with you whenever you go on your shopping spree. By keeping the measurements with you at all times, you will ensure that you don’t buy incorrectly-sized furniture.

Make a Layout

You need to be a professional interior designer to make the layout of your living room. We recommend that you draw the layout of your living space and get a better idea about where you want to place your furniture. With a layout in your hand, you will be able to figure out whether you have substantial space for that sofa that you had laid your eyes on for a long time.

While keeping your focus on the layout, you will have a solid space to determine where you want the furniture and things to place. If you have some difficulties with making a layout, you can always seek professional expertise from expert designers.

Decide on Your Style

One of the trickiest parts of decorating and recreating your living space is the decision to determine your living room style and space. What is your preferred style of living and furniture choice? You need to determine whether you want to have a modern space, formal space, inviting space, formal space, or a farmhouse. By selecting your preferred style, you will also determine what you will be doing in your living room.

Latest living room interior designs

For instance, with the ongoing pandemic, many people are remote working. If you are remote working, you will want to add a workspace to your living room. Also, if your living space is big enough, you will want to add a workout space to your living area. Before you actively start refurbishing your living space, you will have to decide what you want in your living space. For example, you will want to include inviting seating space, such as accent chairs, if you plan to host parties.

What to Buy First?

Whenever you are looking up to decorating your living space, you must find the sofa first. The sofa will also be the largest piece of furniture in your living room, which is why the sofa is your focal point and must be on the top of the list.

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