Carpet for living room

6 Brilliant Ideas to Decorate Living Room with Carpet

When it comes to home decor, out of many elements, carpet is one of the most important elements which is often overlooked and not given much attention to. Many homeowners don’t know that it is the basic factor which sets the ambiance of your home especially living room which is the most used space in the entire home- also used by the guests too in many cases. 

If you have just bought our home and intend to decorate it, begin with buying a beautiful carpet resonating the size and shape of your living room. Your confusion about the ideas simply ends today, because I am going to share a few ideas that will definitely prove to be very useful for your living room too!

1. Think about Large Prints

Large prints are my favorite ones! The biggest benefit about these prints is that it goes perfectly well with the spacious living rooms. These prints never go out of fashion and when brought with modest color schemes, the ambiance of the living room becomes unmatched.

Attractive rug for living room.

2. Find Symmetry in Contrasting Geometric Patterns

What is that one thing which makes you super creative with your home decor? You guessed it right; it’s picking your carpet design and color for your living room. You can choose to keep the same color palette with geometric patterns. Chose curtains of the same color or matching tones. It will definitely add a personality to your living room.

3. A Subtle and Serene Setting for Living Room

Your patterned carpet does not always have to be bold and brassy. Pick a color which is light with subtle patterns. And pull out strong color tones from furniture and curtains.

Carpet for living room

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4. Find Elongate Patterns in Your Carpet

Elongate patterns look modern, classy and gorgeous. With the monochromatic décor, it is a good idea to keep your living room look clean, neat and wider in space. The horizontal strips with plain sofa and flower curtains in similar color tones are exudes elegance and fine taste.

Remember, when you choose a carpet, it should be of good quality and easy to clean; this feature makes your carpet’s life longer. Moreover, if you feel you need a pro’s help, check Canberra’s Best Group.

5. Multi Colored Stripes Are Perfect to Make a Statement

If you are wondering about how to make your living room go from ordinary to extraordinary, go for carpet with vibrant stripes. With an overall neutral color scheme, colorful stripes revitalize the entire room. Adding one or two bright monochromatic color tone sofas will excellently translate your taste.

Rainbow Rug for kids room

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6. Your feet Deserve Soft Texture

The rich but soft texture of your carpet is an excellent way to minimize sharp elements in your living room such as a glass center table or steel sofa. Moreover, the subtle color with this texture makes you feel cozy and warmer during chilly seasons. For an added touch, consider setting a fireplace, it will enhance the ambiance of your room.

What do you think about picking a carpet for your living room? What carpet have you picked for your living room? Share with me in the comments below.

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