Red and yellow kitchen decor

Are red and yellow kitchens conducive to cooking?

Red is the colour of passion, fire and energy. It has been found that using the colour red may actually help in producing hunger and using it in the kitchen may be actually good.Especially, if your dining area is inbuilt into the kitchen area.

Yellow is a more solid colour and tempers the red fieriness a little, adding a measure of cheer and warmth. There is a fine balance in achieving harmony with these two colours. As they are both colours from the warm spectrum,  It  is necessary to use a neutral colour like cream, white or even black to tone the decor down.

Red and yellow kitchen decor
Red and yellow kitchen decor

Shades of red that complement yellow

Don’t limit yourself to pale shades of red and yellow. Used judiciously in the right proportions you will create a room that is cheerful and inviting. Use pale yellow buttery shade on the walls.

Add a white countertop and flooring with blonde veied marble. Add bright red cabinets with glass fronts and a red backsplash. Add a range of red cookware and you have a stunning red and yellow kitchen on your hands.

Conversely, paint three walls a warm off white or beige; add a single wall in bright red. Add a matte shade of the same red on the cabinets. Yellow backsplash and window treatments along with white floors and countertops will make for a visually appealing kitchen.

It is a good idea to contrast and mix textures and finishes to create a cohesive look. A rough-hewn pine floor looks beautiful with glossy yellow walls and a laminated matte cabinet in dull red. Raw planking used as floors balance the use of bright colours on the walls and cabinets.

Designer speak

Lindsay brown, a well-known interior designer has an interesting take, “Paint walls with a textured red and white pattern. Repeat the pattern on the backsplash. Add a white countertop and floor, add accents of black in the accessories and cookware and you have a stunner!”

“Walls should be white to reflect light as both red and yellow absorb light being warm colours. Add a vivid red cabinetry and a yellow widow drape. Add focal points of both yellow and red as accessories and appliances, or even a vividly patterned rug. Add dark wooden flooring to the ensemble and you have an edgy contemporary design scape fit for the design magazines,” says Ashley John of Houzz proud.

Red and yellow as accent colours

The easiest way to create a red and yellow kitchen design is to add accents of both colours very liberally to a white kitchen. Think of a stark white kitchen with a red cooking rage, balanced by red chairs in the breakfast nook.

The yellow accents could be in the form of a yellow curtain or backsplash. A large case or wall hanging with a riot od red and yellow patterns can liven up the most neutral of kitchens.

Don’t hold back. It is easy to repaint. Create the bright colour scape of your dream kitchen and ignite that passion to cook!

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  1. I love using red and yellow as kitchen accent colors. Makes the space even more likely and I think it encourages, even if subconsciously, to cook and to eat. Love the post!

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