White marble kitchen countertop

Top Flooring Options That Should Be Considered for Any Kitchen Redesign

Whether you’ve decided it’s time to give your kitchen a revamp, or you are trying to increase the value of your home by updating your pace, a kitchen redesign is no simple feat. One important task which is often overlooked concerns the flooring.

White marble kitchen countertop

Durability, style, and of course, cost all come into play when choosing flooring options. While aesthetics are important, you’ll also need to factor in practicalities such as cleaning. Furthermore, the kitchen floor is likely to experience a lot of wear over time, so it is important to pick a durable option. To make life a little easier, we’ve come up with a list of options to help you make your decision.


Tiled kitchen floors have been a popular choice amongst kitchen designers for a long time. It’s best to consult a reputable specialist such as those at Amber to get the best professional insights. Porcelain doesn’t come cheap, but it is highly durable and waterproof. While you might be tempted to go for ceramic tile options, these aren’t durable, so they won’t weather the pressure of kitchen activities, as well as porcelain would. The only issue with tiling is that the flooring is very hard, which means that it could cause breakages should you drop an item.


For those with children, vinyl is a good option. It is a softer alternative to tiles, so it is less likely to break if anything falls. The softer surface makes it more comfortable for walking on as well. Vinyl is one of the most affordable flooring options available, so it’s great if you are working with a small budget. There are even now vinyl surfaces that have been designed to look like tiles from a distance. The major downside to using vinyl is that it won’t last as long as more durable options.


Hardwood looks great in rustic and country-style kitchens. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, this is a great choice. However, hardwood is more susceptible to scratches and dents. Liquid spills are also more likely to stain the wood, so it isn’t the best option if you have kids running around the house.

Laminate Flooring

Hardwood doesn’t come cheap, but if you want a similar look at a fraction of the price, then laminate may be the best option for you. Laminate is more resistant to wear and tear, and it doesn’t require as much maintenance. It is also a really easy option in terms of installation. Laminate comes in different colors and textures, which means it can be used in almost any kitchen redesign.

It is important to put some thought into the type of flooring you want in your kitchen when planning the remodel. It’s often easy to overlook flooring and focus on the more seemingly functional elements of a kitchen redesign. However, the flooring is an essential element of the kitchen and can make or break the room’s overall look. Thankfully, there are many options available, so you shouldn’t struggle to find the flooring that meets your needs, fits into the budget, and looks great in your home.

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