Fence decoration

Backyard Transformations: Fence Decorating Ideas for New Homeowners

Is your fence looking weathered and outdated? It may even have some broken sections.

Consider some fence decorating ideas to spruce up your fence. You can any item to decorate your fence. Additionally, you don’t have to spend any money to make your backyard fence ideas a reality.

Some natural fence ideas include adding birdhouses or hanging plants to your fence. Consider fence line landscaping ideas, such as bushes and shrubs.

Fence decoration

You can even turn your fence into a play area for your kids. You can also use your fence to create a gathering area for friends and family.

This article will show you some fence decorating ideas. Let’s explore.

Fence Chalkboard

You can provide fun for the entire family by adding a chalkboard to the fence. Kids can spend hours writing and playing with the chalk. You can also play a fun game using the chalkboard. Some fun games to play with a chalkboard include:

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Hangman
  • Checkers or chess
  • Wheel of fortune
  • Relay race

Moreover, a chalkboard will also make your fence stand out. Also, the board will be a nice contrast against the face, regardless of the fence color. You can also outline the board with banners to make it festive.

Fence Lights

Lights will also make you give your yard a festive atmosphere. They’re a great idea if you have regular gatherings in your yard.  You don’t have to reserve fence lights for the holidays. The fastest way to add lights to your fence is with string lights.

You can place the lights near the fence using stand-alone posts. After installing the posts, connect them together with the lights. You can also apply string lights directly to the fence.

Lights will make your fence stand out and add additional lighting to your yard. Moreover, adding lights will help you navigate your way through the dark. Additional lighting buffers security as well, keeping thieves at bay.

Christmas lights are also a great option, particularly white lights. White lights will blend into your surroundings throughout the year. They’re also easier to drape along your fence. You can even drop them down in a curtain-like fashion.

You can also add sconces to your fences. Sconces don’t need wires. You can buy battery-powered or solar-powered sconces and install them on your fence.

You can line several sconces along your fences. The fence sconces also come in different styles, and you can choose different lighting colors. You can even find portable fence lights that you can install with minimal hassle.

Marble Fences

If you’re not keen on artificial light, you can use marbles to accentuate natural lighting. How can you fit marbles inside a fence? You have the following options:

  • Natural Holes: Certain types of beetles love to bore into wood, causing fence holes. You can use the holes to your advantage and insert marbles in them.
  • Artificial Holes: You can also drill holes into the fence. The drilling option allows you to customize the marble holes.

The insertion of marbles can help you upgrade an old fence. You can use small or large marbles, depending on the size of the holes. Use marbles of various colors to make your fence stand out more.

You can also paint the fence to complement the marbles. You’ll also find yourself amazed when you wake up in the morning and see sunlight shining through the marbles.

Fence Coffee Table

If you have an extra coffee table lying around, you can add it to your fence. However, you must cut the table in two.

After, you can install both parts of the table on the fence. After cutting it in two, you can paint the tables to tailor it to the fence. The best color choices would be a standout color that contrasts with your fence.

Then, you can place various items on the tables. You can also place potted plants on the tables, ensuring they get plenty of sunshine.

Art Decor

You may have seen art decor at a flea market or thrift store. You may even have art pieces that you don’t know what to do with.

  • Example: You can buy metallic art pieces for your fence. Metal art pieces can take many forms, such as butterflies, and they usually have intricate designs. You can buy these items in a thrift store, or you can buy them online.

If you don’t like metal, you can also find wood art pieces. Many artists will paint wooden pieces to match the fence color. Additionally, you can paint the items a rustic color to evoke an outdoor feel.

You can also use salvageable metal or wood. If you’re artistically-inclined, you can make unique art out of leftover materials.

Consider combining a wood or metallic art pieces with other items. For example, perhaps you have additional dishware lying around the house. You can hang plates along your fence alongside the wood or metal decor.

Old Tools

If you want a more rustic vibe, choose discarded tools. You may have unused or rusty tools in your shed or garage. You can turn the tools into works of art along your fence. The following tools items would make great decorations:

  • Pitchforks
  • Hatchets
  • Saws
  • Hammers
  • Scythes

Old-fashioned tools are unique and would add some uniqueness to your fence design endeavors. You can even purchase old tools from a thrift store or a yard sale. You can reserve sections of your fence for certain types of tools.

Old Footwear

Have your children outgrown most of their footwear? You may also have kids rainboots gathering dust.

If so, you can turn them into plant holders and hang them on your fence. You can pack plenty of soil into the boots, allowing plants to spread their roots.

Kids’ rain boots also come in different colors, peppering your fence with hints of color. You can also choose rain boots with standout colors from a thrift store.

You can also turn your fence area into a garden area for kids. Your kids may have outgrown other types of footwear, such as crocs. Crocks make great plant holders because the holes provide air and drainage. You can also buy crocs online or at a bargain store.

Hanging Planters

You can find unique hanging planters that would complement your fence. They also come in different sizes, allowing you to house all types of plants. You can include larger plants and allow the plants to cover your fence.

You can also use the planters to hide fence posts or hide damaged fenced areas. If you’re dealing with a damaged fence, visit this website: https://www.buttefence.com/the-stakes-are-high-how-to-find-the-best-fence-contractor-in-idaho/.

Overall, plant hangers are a great idea if you want to add colorful flowers to your fence. Your fence will be a sight to behold during the springtime as spring flowers bloom and bless your garden with natural colors.

Bird Houses

You can hang birdhouses of all sizes on your fence. They also come in different colors and styles. Birdhouses are also easy to hang on your fence. More importantly, you’ll create homes for birds. You can even hang them next to each other and create bird communities.

To make the area more hospitable for birds, add bushes and shrubs around the fence. Birds feel more comfortable around bushy areas because they fear predators. Further, you can add birdbaths and/or bird feeders around your fence.

Mirror Fences

Do you live in a wooded area? Why not use a mirror to reflect the beautiful scenery? However, fence mirrors will do more than reflect your surroundings. They evoke additional space, which is ideal if you have a small yard. You can also create your own mirror fences:

  • Example: If you can use old window panes, you can add mirrors to them. From there, simply hang the mirrors using nails and wiring.

Additionally, you can include art pieces to the fence and use the mirror as a centerpiece.

Are There More Fence Decorating Ideas?

When it comes to fence decorating ideas, you’re only limited by your imagination. You can turn old junk into masterful pieces of art for your fence. In other cases, you can find cheap items in thrift stores or online.

If you want a classy touch, think about string lights or sconces for your fence. If you want something rustic, use wooden or metallic art pieces. You can also add birdhouses to draw songbirds to your garden.

Interested in learning more? Read more on our blog to gain insight into other home decor topics.

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