beautiful black bedroom design picture

Black Bedroom Designs, Decor, Ideas, Photos

At first glance black is not the obvious choice for bedroom decor. Black is a classy choice when used judiciously. The neutral palette can add a modern edge to your bedroom. The effect is clutter free and minimalistic. Black can create a cozy effect when used in large spaces.

You can be inspired to create a designer ambience or a crisp timeless appeal. Black can be used to create a traditional effect or create an ultra-chic broody and dramatic look. It is the most versatile colour to use in the bedroom.

Black Bedrooms

black bedroom designs, ideas, photos
Black bedroom designs, ideas, photos

Effective use of light in a black bedroom

Black absorbs light and can add dimension to an oddly shaped room. A Long room with a black wall can bring perspective to the shape of your bedroom. Black can be effective as a colour block. The correct use of natural and artificial light can create the perfect ambience.

beautiful black bedroom design picture
Beautiful black bedroom design picture

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A coherent wholeness can be achieved if other hues that complement the light absorbing properties of the colour black are used intelligently. Paler colours like white, ice blue and other pastel shades reflect light and can be combined very effectively to create a play of light that maximizes the design content of your bedroom.

Pretty black bedroom design idea
Pretty black bedroom design idea

Colour combinations with black

White and black make for the classiest combination. A feature wall with a black and white combination pattern can also make an impact. You can use varying volume of black against white depending on the size of the room. Smaller bedrooms should have more white and focal points of black to add space, while larger rooms can have more black to create a cosy effect.

Modern black bedroom interior decor
Modern black bedroom interior decor

Pale colours like cream and beige can be teamed with black to create a warm ambience. Brighter colours like pale yellow or pastel shades can be eclectically teamed with black to create an interesting contrast.

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Shades like teal and red can be used sparingly to make an edgy and bold statement. But, bold hues should be used sparingly with black to avoid a harsh look. The colours should mesh and not overpower the space.

black patterned walls
Black patterned walls

Black as the focal colour in the bedroom

Black furniture with whitewashed walls can look stunning in your bedroom. An ebony bed and wardrobe with white black and red striped linen and window treatments along with white marble flooring and black borders give a classy look to the bedroom. A black headboard can also work beautifully.

black and white bedroom design
Black and white bedroom design

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Designing a black themed bedroom requires a lot of restraint and is a challenge. A dark bed draws the eye and is capable of giving a very dynamic feel. A few lighter touches are needed to balance the feel of a black bedroom, as it can become oppressively dark very easily. You should introduce a third tone like olive green to even out the colour scheme.

Black bedroom complimented with green rug
Black bedroom complimented with green rug

Textural elements in a black themed bedroom

Textural accents in linen, wall finishes, flooring all bring together the theme beautifully. Metal accessories like beaten bronze lampshades or figurines can also soften the look. Tasselled or fringed window treatments can impart a similar effect.

latest wall art for black bedroom decor
Latest wall art for black bedroom decor

A floral black based wallpaper on one wall can provide relief. You may add Black and white wall hangings or photographs to continue the theme.

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