Latest yellow-green kitchen designs

Yellow and Green Color combo Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen is the heart of the home. The yellow and green colour scheme brings warmth into the room which is the hub of all activity in the home. Yellow is a warm color that signifies growth and stability and green is the symbol for freshness and serenity.

Together the two colors create a cheerful kitchen, where you can prepare the choicest dishes for your loved ones. Yellow and green make a natural combination as they are complementary colours on the colour wheel.

Green and Yellow Kitchens

Shades in yellow and green

Think brightness and space while painting your walls a bright citrus yellow. Lime, buttercup and sunny yellow shades give the illusion of   a larger space. Bright yellow walls work beautifully with dark green marble countertops, cabinets and flooring.

green and yellow kitchen design ideas

Metallic yellow accessories and yellow window treatments cheer up a small kitchen, This is true country style designing, Add rustic touches like woven yellow baskets and trimmings to create a farm house look.

Designer opinions

“Lighter and paler shades of yellow like cream and butter go well with pistachio green and dark wood cabinets and floors. Give a sophisticated spin to your kitchen by adding pattern on your wall and floor tiles. A patterned yellow and green backsplash with light green walls and a bright yellow cabinetry looks edgy. Add accents in darker greens to complete the look.” says Pooja Bagri from Bagri Interiors.

yellow and green kitchen design ideas

Zaman of Mark Interiors says,” A dark green wall with cream cabinets and a pinewood counter top and flooring with blonde yellow undertones works beautifully to create a homely warmth”. Yellow is the color of choice if you have a small kitchen, Add green accents on the wall and floor tiles to create a splash.

Adding stronger shades of yellow and green to your kitchen

Moss green and Emerald green can create a sophisticated colour scape when used as a complementary shade with pale buttery yellow walls and cabinets. The cabinet trim, window treatments and accessories can be a metallic emerald to add gloss and verve to the kitchen.

best yellow and green kitchen interior designs

Bright cerise or lime green walls can be teamed with pale yellow cabinets and yellow veined marble countertops and floors. Golden yellow cookware and appliances can add to the tone.

Moderation is the key to two toned kitchens. Lighter shades of yellow or green on te walls can be enhanced by using a stronger tone of the same shade on the cabinets and a dark wood floor can add depth.

Use of jewel tones

The brilliant jewel tones like turquoise, aqua, cerise and emerald greens are to be used sparingly as accents or in the form of accessories to enhance the colour scape. A bright shade of green as a focal point as a backsplash or large wall hanging or a vividly patterned rug can be a great conversation starter.

latest yellow-green kitchen designs

Gold can be used sparingly as door and cabinet handles, a chimney fascia or a refrigerator door and can seamlessly blend into the decor and add glitz and bling!

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