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Green Bedroom Designs, Ideas, Interior Decor, Photos

The most soothing colour available on the palette, green is a natural choice for the bedroom. Green is the colour of nature, and symbolizes freshness. A green bedroom is the best place to rejuvenate after a long day. The fresh hues melt away tiredness and impart new vigour. Green is one of the favourite colours of interior designers.

Green adds both a sense of calm and personality to your bedroom. Green symbolizes growth and fertility and hence is a good option in a couples’ bedroom. New beginnings and serenity is the catch word for a green hued bedroom’, says Pooja Bagri of Bagri Interiors.

green bedroom decorating ideas
Green bedroom decoration inspiration. © Homedecorbuzz

Shades of green in your bedroom

Green can range from a sparkling emerald green to a dark mossy green, to a olive green, to sage , mint, pistachio green..the list is endless. The shade you use reflects the ambience you want to create. The lighter pastel hues can be used to create a relaxed atmosphere while the darker shades can be used on a single wall or as accents to make the room vibrant.

green bedroom interior photos
Green bedroom interior looks impressive with black furniture. © Homedecorbuzz

The shade should create the theme. Olive green can be rustic and cosy while lime, chartreuse and mint greens are fresh and modern in their feel.The bluish green palette tends to be cooling and calming. The Grass and leaf greens are more refreshing.

‘It may seem that Neon green and bright lime greens should be best avoided in a bedroom, I disagree’, says Mohammad Zaman from Mark Interiors.’ The trick is not to avoid but to correctly use these eclectic shades of green. These shades in particular should be added minimally, as accents to white or pale yellow to make your bedroom come alive’.

Green colour combinations

Green is often called the new neutral as it can be paired with almost any colour. The beauty of this colour is that it can be used in juxtaposition with almost every colour in the colour wheel.

Green bedroom decorating ideas by homedecorbuzz
Green bedroom with white color is used as complementary to decoration. © Homedecorbuzz

Accents of emerald green in the bed and window linen, Floor margins and window treatments can brighten up a black and turquoise room. Other classic colour combinations are often paired with green.

Lime green and pink can be an excellent choice for a young girl’s bedroom. Burnt orange with duller green hues looks beautiful and vibrant with wooden flooring with blonde undertones. A bright Kelly green paired with bright white and  smart accents of Navy blue is another stunning combination to go with.

Pale pistachio green with dark red or raspberry tones in a striped wall finish makes a delightful combination. This theme can be strengthened with white furniture.

Adding green to your bedroom

One of the evergreen ways to add green to your bedroom is to add green plants along the window sill or in the corners. If you do not have enough space for planters you can create the same feel by using fresh flower arrangements with lots of green foliage.

Plants bring green natural atmosphere in bedroom design
Plants bring green natural atmosphere in bedroom design. © Homedecorbuzz

A green rug also creates a verdant feel in your bedroom. Large windows opening out on lush greenery is the perfect way to include greenery in the bedroom!

What are your views on decorating a green bedroom? Share your thoughts in comment area.

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