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Beautiful Pink Bedroom Designs, Ideas & Photos

A pink bedroom brings to mind little girls’ frills and flounces. Whimsy and fairy tales, Barbie and candyfloss are the images we imagine with a pink bedroom. But, pink in the bedroom is not confined to girlie designs; Pink in various hues can be a chic choice. In fact there are many instances of the colour being used as a modern tool for bedroom interiors.

But first we shall discuss the obvious choice by talking about little girl bedrooms in pink.

awesome pink color bedroom decor ideas
Awesome pink color bedroom decoration. ©

Pink Bedrooms

Little girls’ bedrooms in pink shades

You will definitely win the heart of your little girl if you indulge her fantasies of living in a dreamy room. Disney has mastered the pink theme and so has Barbie. Soft pink walls with white ceilings and flooring, a darker shade of pink on the wardrobe and will make your little one feel like a princess.

little girl pink bedroom design
Little girl pink bedroom design. ©

A wall mural with her favourite Disney theme will add to the charm. A dash of Hollywood glamour and outlandishness may also not go amiss. All in all, this look is easily scalable to a late teenage theme with a slight make over.

Cute pink bedroom for princess
Cute pink bedroom for princess. ©

The walls could be painted white and furniture could be painted a darker pink. Tone down the frothiness with grey bedspread and Voila! The look is changed , but the feel is of a girls’ bedroom.

luxury pink bedroom interior design picture
Luxury pink bedroom interior design picture. ©

Pink for an adults’ room

Some subtle shades of pink are very suitable for an adult’s bedroom too. It lends a soft feminine touch, Here, the trick is to introduce pink as a complimenting shade to a neutral shade like, white, beige, grey, cream or even black.

Pink bedroom design for teen girls
Pink bedroom design for teen girls. ©

Pink walls, linen and window drapes go beautifully with a brown wooden flooring and wood finish furniture.

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pink bedroom decor for adults
Pink bedroom decor for adults. ©

Pink can also be used in a more vibrant and bold shade in signature furniture pieces like a hot pink couch, in stark contrast to green or teal walls and light wood floors and furniture.

Stylish pink-white bedroom design by
Stylish pink-white bedroom design. ©

Pink hues also team effectively with prints, especially leopard prints. A Leopard rug with a bold pink chair or chaise lounge will make a strong statement.

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beautiful pink bedroom interior design for teen girls
Beautiful pink bedroom interior design for teen girls. ©

You may also do up the bedroom in varying shades of pink, from the softest baby pink, to fuschia and hot pink with dashes of white thrown in generously. A floral pattern wallpaper would also make a room beg for attention.

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lovely wall art for pink bedroom decoration
Lovely wall art for pink bedroom decoration. ©

You can never go wrong with pink hued accessories in a bright colored room as accents. Vase, linen, cushions, window drapes can be used as a focal point in a bedroom.

Beautiful pink bedroom decor inspiration
Beautiful pink bedroom decor inspiration. ©

These touches will draw your eye to the pink accents and the feel of the room will come across as soft and welcoming.

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best bedroom interior design in pink color
Best bedroom interior design in pink color. ©

And last but not the least let us not forget the power of fresh and even artificial flowers. A large vase of large pink flowers can be used as an immediate pick me up in a bedroom.

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latest pink color bedroom design
Latest pink color bedroom design. ©

Pink can be calming, fun and chic when used in different shades. Explore your inner feminine side and create a haven for yourself in your pink bedroom.

What are your thoughts about these pink bedrooms? Will a girl love these? Share your views in the comment section.

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  1. Nice blog! Thanks for posting this information. While some shades of pink can be loud and bold, others are a slight more understated and quiet.

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