Benjamin Moore's color trends 2019

Interior Designing Trends For 2019

Interior design trends change like the seasons. Every year there is a new focus that dominates the industry – whether it is aesthetics, comfort, functionality, or sustainability. This year’s trends will put an emphasis on multi-functional spaces, more wood, as well as bold colors and art features.

Benjamin Moore's color trends 2019
Benjamin Moore’s color trends 2019

If you’re thinking of redecorating soon, here are some of the top design trends you might want to follow this year.

Sustainability will become an integral part of the home

Becky Shea told Elle Decor that the types of materials used in a home will start to play more importance than it did in the past. “Being strategic and purposeful about purchasing behavior is a key ingredient to a sustainable ethos,” she said. Consumers will also pay more attention to where they get their furniture from and what the company stands for. This means most, if not all, of the furniture in your home, should come from environmentally-friendly materials and be made using sustainable methods.

Natural elements will dominate your space

In relation to sustainability, nature will also be a huge part in interior design this year. Chris von Eckartsberg and Hans Baldauf from BCV Architecture+ Interior believe that people are looking to connect with nature. One of the best ways to do that is to have more wood in your home, from wooden chairs and tables in the living room and bedroom, to wooden accents in the bathroom and dining area. Adding a few stone furnishings will also make your home look more natural, not to mention bright and airy.

There will be more tiny apartments

As the prices of apartments in major cities go up, the sizes are going down. Yoreevo reports that the price of an average Manhattan apartment has increased by 100% since 1989, which is perhaps one of the reasons why there has been a growing number of homeowners switching to tiny apartments.

Business Insider went on a tour of a tiny NYC apartment that costs $2,143 per square foot. While that is $370 more than the average NYC apartment, the small size meant it came under $1 million despite the central location. Not only is it cost efficient, every nook and cranny is functional, too. All the pieces of furniture inside were designed to serve more than one purpose, which makes the whole house practical without compromising comfort.

Art decorations will be huge—literally

Although there will still be plenty of small houses, the minimalist trend is already in a slow decline. Bright colors and graphic patterns will take their place as a lot of design experts say there’s no need to be afraid of huge paintings and large-scale art pieces.

Designers even advise that you complement your multifunctional rooms with big art installations like a gallery wall or a dramatic piece of furniture that can act as a focal point. Floral fabrics and wallpaper are great ways to design a space, too. Its traditional beauty will make any room look sophisticated—this can complement your nature-inspired pieces, too.

The colors of 2019 will be more lifestyle-based

Which means although there could be a theme, colors will depend on the rooms in your home and how you utilize them. We’ve already reported on how Benjamin Moore, announced the trendy color Metropolitan AF-690 as their color of 2019. This just proves that woodland shades with mushroom grays, and fern-inspired colors will dominate this year.

You will also see a lot of energizing corals for bedroom walls and hunter greens for the bathroom. Darker, moody colors will be present in the kitchen, highlighting cabinets, doors, and custom built-in pieces. If you go with darker shades, make sure you use them in rooms that get plenty of natural light.

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