Loft bedroom designs by homedecorbuzz

Loft Bedroom Design Ideas

Loft bedrooms are all the rage in this day and age, as more and more homeowners are looking to convert the extra spaces in their houses into rooms. A loft can actually be converted to anything, but converting it to a bedroom seems to be more magical, as it allows you to have a completely private space, hidden away from the eyes of all intruders.

Although loft bedrooms are not the biggest in size, they can be perfect for the ones who are living alone. Those who are living in small apartments can install loft ladders that are alternative to fixed stairs and can save more space at their home.

There is a whole collection of loft bedroom design ideas that you can use to your advantage.

Loft bedroom designs by homedecorbuzz
Loft bedroom designs

1. A ceiling window above your bed

Take advantage of the strategic location of your bedroom in the house and put your bed under the skylight to enjoy the view of the stars at night. This unique view of the whole night sky will enable you to feel a reinforced connection with nature.

2. Wooden beams to add a vintage look

Instead of trying to make the loft look like something else, why don’t you reinstate its original look? Use natural colors in the mix to create an extremely warm and inviting tone along with all wood and décor. The entire aesthetic is meant to create a decor that will allow you to sit back and relax after a long and hard day at work.

3. Make it all white

Create the most aesthetically pleasing bedroom ever by going all white in your choice of décor. White walls, white pillows and bed covers, minimalistic furniture- the whole look is meant to create an ample sense of space that will allow you to breathe in the limited space you have. This will work especially well if you have a small loft- adding all white with large windows and natural lighting will almost double the illusion of space that you have.

4. Add bold patterns and colors

You can add symmetry and color to your attic bedroom to create a new and unique look. If you are a person who is attracted to bold hues, then you can add pops of colors in your curtains, bed sheets, and wall decor. All this against a relatively pastel wall will accentuate the areas of the room in which they are placed. Be careful not to overdo it though, because too much of textures and patterns can be counter-productive to the look that you would want to achieve.

5. Florals and pastels

If you want your bedroom to have an airy feel, but are not up for the pristine white look, you can opt for floral wallpapers in pastel shades. They give the entire space a soft look, and when paired with the right furniture, will make your room look like something straight out of a catalogue.


Your bedroom is an important part of your home, and you will be spending most of your time there. A loft bedroom is a perfect way to have your own personal space in your home. Decorate your loft bedroom the way you want to unravel and rejuvenate yourself there!

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