Luxury open kitchen design

Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas, Photos

Do you love cooking? Or do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Are you looking forward to re-doing your entire kitchen but confused about how you should go about it?

Don’t worry at all for this blog is just the solution you are looking for. A luxurious kitchen is an attention grabber and you definitely want your guests to praise your taste and your sense of aesthetics.

A lavish kitchen must have a few features that stand out from the rest such as a kitchen island, custom lighting, tile flooring you can go for marble or hardwood too, glass cupboards are classy and chic, stainless steel equipment and state-of-the-art appliances such as coffee makers, electronic hand blender, maybe a Panini maker, juicers, etc.

Luxury open kitchen design
Luxury open kitchen design

In this blog, we shall look at a few amazing tips to make your kitchen look divine.

All-white kitchen

You can make your kitchen look class apart by going for all white with extravagant woodwork such as high-end wooden cabinets reaching up to the ceiling, wooden flooring will also look amazing, etc. White is a timeless colour and it certainly looks classy plus it brightens up space which is why working in the kitchen might become your favourite time.

Vintage essence

You can go for vintage kitchen designs with rustic undertones. Anything vintage is sophisticated. A vintage country kitchen will make your home look super pretty you can club it with green kitchen cabinets and a kitchen island with granite countertop… just imagine how cool it will look!

Kitchen island

For your lavish kitchen parties you can design a huge kitchen island which can be in the shape of an L. You can choose from a wide range of contemporary furniture for your kitchen also remember that you can transform your kitchen into a dining area by opting for this huge kitchen island, this idea is an all-rounder and looks breathtakingly beautiful.

Neutral shades

To light up your kitchen naturally keep the colour a neutral or soft one and make the windows of your kitchen bigger in size. You can go for cream colour for your kitchen with regal marble flooring, you can use marble for the kitchen countertops too, LED lights mounted in the ceiling, or a massive skylight in the kitchen will light up your kitchen uniformly…

You can further go for intricate Mediterranean designs, make spacious aisles to walk around freely you can make your kitchen functional with ample amount of space for storage.

Try experimenting

Try experimenting with red… red as the ability to make your kitchen look out of the world. Red is classy and the colour is rich. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling.

Try to opt for contemporary furniture (black specifically) and red kitchen cabinets, stainless steel kitchen appliances, use marble for kitchen countertops, a red kitchen island will look lovely and you will get a lot of space to utilize in the kitchen. This custom made contemporary red kitchen will make your house look tremendously pretty.

Try any of these carefully curated luxury kitchen ideas, just for you, and fall in love with your kitchen.

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