Pressure washing

Preventable Maintenance: 3 Reasons For Pressure Washing

Every Commercial; property owner wants their building to last for as long as possible. But, neglected buildings show signs of deterioration sooner, and small problems can get more serious with time and cause building structural failure.

If a building is allowed to accumulate a coating of dirt and chemical residue, cracks and other building defects can be hidden. When a building is pressure washed with the soft wash method, everything is visible including the beauty if the building’s cladding.

Pressure washing
Pressure washing

Why Use the Soft Wash Type of Pressure Washing Equipment?

If a building looks dirty and stained, it will not impress people walking by or considering entering to do some shopping or use a professional service.

Built-up soil and chemicals from air pollution can cause building cladding and roofing to deteriorate more quickly. But having the whole building cleaned by the soft wash type of pressure cleaning can remove the built-up contaminants as well as mold, mildew, bacteria, moss, and algae.

Pressure washing can get rid of unsightly bland streaks and rust stains. Check out services like for information on the benefits and costs of having a building pressure washed. To get the best result with pressure washing, use a professional who knows what they are doing.

This is not a DIY job because using the wrong amount of pressure can make the process ineffective or cause damage to the building. The correct chemicals must be chosen to clean without doing damage to the building or the environment.

Dangers of Too Much Pressure in Pressure Washing

Professional Pressure Washing services have the experience and training to know which chemicals are safe and effective cleaners and what level of pressure cleans without damaging the surfaces it is used on. The best pressure cleaning services use the soft wash pressure cleaning equipment and method because it is safer and more effective.

There are surfaces that do not do well with high-pressure cleaning because too much pressure can cause damage to painted surfaces and wood siding. Too-high pressure can even pit stone and masonry cladding. Roofing can also be damaged by the wrong pressure. Carelessly used high-pressure hoses can break windows. Surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, and decks can benefit from pressure washing.

Why Soft Washing is Better Than High-Pressure Washing?

Soft washing is like pressure washing except that it uses different equipment and a lower pressure. The equipment has low-pressure nozzles on the washing gun or wand at the end of the water hose. This lower water pressure is combined with a biodegradable cleaning chemical. This method is using newer technology to clean surfaces such as decks, roofs, siding, patios, fences, and masonry or stone safely and effectively with less surface damage.

Be sure to use a company that has a good reputation and is licensed and insured for customer protection. The contractor should have newer equipment that is in good condition and rated for the job they will be performing. There are several levels of equipment from that used by homeowners for small jobs to commercial equipment meant for doing large buildings.

Soft washing can give commercial and residential buildings new life by removing all the built-up soil and biological contaminants to reveal the surfaces. The safety and success of soft washing a building depends on the training and expertise of the cleaning service professionals.

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