Skirting Boards

Several Reasons Why People Use Skirting Boards

Many households have them installed. Some people prefer them, and others don’t. They can also be made of different materials, but most of them are made from wood. The skirting boards are installed along the base of the walls. Some homeowners do this work by themselves, while others hire a professional service to install them efficiently and without mistakes. Either way, they can really make a difference in your home.

Skirting Boards
Skirting Boards

If you have decided that you want to install them, then you should pick the size, color, and shape you want, first. There are many options to choose from. It is always helpful to create a plan before you make any decision regarding the interior of your house or apartment. Here are some of the reasons why people want to install skirting boards on the base of their walls:

They hide ugly wiring

Living in a house or apartment always comes with a lot of wiring. All of those wires are used for different things around the house. But what happens if you can’t hide them? They are not exactly the most appealing thing to constantly look at in your home.

Also, you can easily trip from them. Tripping on cables is dangerous. If they are not installed conveniently, then they can be a huge nuisance. That’s why people use skirting boards.

Skirting boards can hide the wiring and make the room look more appealing. The boards are used to conceal spaces that are left after the installation of the floor. They are really convenient because they also protect all the cables from moisture.

In addition, it’s safer to walk freely across the room because you won’t be able to trip on them. Hire a skirting board service for the proper installation and rid yourself of one problem in the house.

They cover gaps

Even a professional service sometimes has trouble aligning your floors perfectly to the wall. You are bound to face some gaps and spaces that will just look unappealing. Even if you want to hide them with certain pieces of furniture, it won’t be enough. These gaps can often fill up with dust and dirt, as well.

You have to clean them as well. Instead of doing that, it is advisable that you install skirting boards. They are the perfect solution for a problem like this. You won’t have to look at those gaps ever again.

They prevent damage

The wall can easily get damaged if something is constantly brushing up the surface. It can get discolored and even suffer slight damage as time goes by. If there’s nothing between the walls and the furniture to keep them apart, then you should know that the walls will get ruined with time.

Another reason why people love to use skirting boards is to prevent that particular problem from happening. They provide protection, usually for the lower parts of the walls. They can be convenient when you are planning to vacuum or mop the floors. The wood barrier doesn’t allow direct contact with the wall. Also, it is advisable that you avoid placing pieces of furniture right up against the walls.

They beautify each room

Most people use the skirting boards to make their rooms more appealing. Some of them have unique designs that will definitely give each room a more professional finish. Check out Metres Direct for a wide range of skirting boards to install in your home.

If the color of the boards interferes with the color of the walls, then you can just repaint the boards any color you want. This is practical if you’re making some changes around the house.

They are cost-effective

Let’s say that the floor installation doesn’t go as smoothly as you thought. After the job, you are left with gaps and spaces. Will you ask the workers to reinstall the entire floors once more? Probably not. This can cost you a lot of money.

Sometimes, minor issues like these can happen. However, that’s not a reason to panic. Just place skirting boards on top of them, and you’re all set. They are a much cheaper option than having to reinstall the floors all over again.

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