Master bedroom design for 3-BHK apartment in Vedic, Kolkata

Studio Apartment vs 1-BHK Apartment; What are major differences?

More and more people are now choosing to live in complexes and apartments. The idea of living in an apartment offers you the scope of enjoying ample privacy, greater security and less effort for managing the house. The time for the apartment maintenance is saved and you also get an option to put it up on rent if needed.

Master bedroom design for 3-BHK apartment in Vedic, Kolkata

But the biggest perk of all is that you can enjoy the space and location that you admire and the cost is much less than that of buying a house.

Apartments are generally best suited for compact families comprising 2 to 4 persons. But the apartment type is one big concern for all.

For a family of two persons, there are mainly two kinds of apartments – a 1BHK or Studio Apartment. The difference between them is huge but practically speaking, very few people know the actual differences between a 1 BHK apartment and a studio apartment.

So if you have been thinking that it is the same thing with a different name, then here are some of the key differences between a 1BHK and a studio apartment.

What is a 1-BHK Apartment?

1BHK apartments include one bedroom along with a bathroom, living room, kitchen and a balcony which might be divided by different walls. They do have extra features like storage rooms too, which might vary as per the design and space of the apartments.

Generally, in 1BHK flats, space is more, though that largely depends on the total area. But generally speaking, for one person or two, a 1BHK apartment is a spacious and comfortable option. You can place furniture of your choice and decorate a 1BHK apartment as per your liking.

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is a single large room that has an inbuilt kitchen or kitchenette. There is no wall as a boundary, except the bathroom, obviously. The overall space in such apartments is generally designed and dedicated for different types of work but with no boundaries. For example, the dining table is beside the kitchen, a study table right in between the dining table and the bed. A studio apartment is made to include different aspects of an apartment into it, which often leaves no space or very less space to move around freely.

So, a studio apartment and 1BHK apartment have just one thing in common – the separate bathroom space.

Differences between Studio apartments and 1BHK apartments

Studio Apartment 1BHK apartment
Studio apartments are more affordable for one person. 1BHK apartments are costlier than a studio apartment.
These generally have the kitchen and bathroom in one single large space, including the bed. There is a separate bedroom, a living room with a kitchen and a bathroom. Balcony too.
Since it is like one large single room, there is no divided wall except the bathroom. The kitchen, living room, bathroom, and the bedroom has walls dividing one from the other.
No extra furniture or objects can be included. Extra furniture and objects can easily be included.

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  1. Recently I am planning to purchase a home for myself and I was confused between studio apartments and 1BHK apartments. I didn’t know the difference between the two and I started researching online. You have beautifully explained the differences.

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