Black wardrobes in white bedroom

Styling Dark interiors

Dark interiors can often be difficult to get right, but with the right details and a well balanced palette you can make your room come alive with deeper tones and a touch of adventure. Creating a decadent appearance with undercurrents of the rich and rustic, darker interiors are now a top trend whether you are planning on going for all black walls or just a few moodier accents. A design that creates drama while instilling a cosiness, deeper tones are sure to liven up a living room, bedroom or kitchen, so pick up the paint brush and give your space a new lease of life.

Black wardrobes in white bedroom
Black wardrobes in white bedroom

1. Fantastical Forrest Green

A great way to infuse this trend into your home whether you live in an older manor house in the Midlands, brand new shared ownership in Newham or a cottage in the lakes, is with greens. Not only is it a great way to give your home a pop of colour but you can also create a sophisticated feel to your space while embracing the essence of the outdoors. Its rich hues and blue undertones will give light in the room a golden glow and a soft feel no matter what time of day.

2. Bright accents

If you’ve already embraced the moodier hues but not quite sure how to accessorise then you’ll be glad to know that bright is right. From wild pops of yellow to contrast pinks and sizzling orange, you can make your accessories as outlandish and outrageous as you like. Put simply, the brighter the better so let your imagination run wild and get creative.  With a dark canvas as your background you have the freedom to be experimental and adventurous with this look so don’t be shy and buy that fluffy pink cushion for the sofa.

3. Woeful Wallpaper

Creating dimension and contrast in your home can sometimes be difficult should you have a darker interior but with a feature wall covered in your favourite pattern you can bring an influx of life and vitality effortlessly. From trendy geometric designs to tropical leafy looks, a textured contrast in your living room can break up bolder shades and create a focal point in your space. Don’t be afraid to play with your palette and be as imaginative as you like with designs and details.

4. Melodramatic metallics

If heavy colours seem a little scary, don’t worry because with a few simple accessories you can bring any shade to life in all its glory. Simple flecks of copper or silver borders can create an extra dimension and turn any flat surfaces into a decadent and fresh feature. You can do this by adding a simple rose gold vase or silver candle holders for a sleek air of sophistication. A budget way to touch up your home, metallics accentuate darker shades and make for an interesting contrast to a deeper background.

So whether you fancy changing up your home completely with a groovy new design, you’re looking to add a few tweaks to your new home under shared ownership in Sussex or you want to update an older home while keeping with the elegant style, darker shades could be just the look you need to help you fall back in love with your abode.

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