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What Are The Different Types Of Kitchens?

You might think that there is only one style of kitchen that your apartment can have, but you should think again. With new types of apartments coming to the market almost every day, there are tons of different kitchen designs that you can choose from to make the best of your apartment space.

Let us take a look at a few of these designs.

The types of kitchens

1. Farmhouse kitchens

Farmhouse kitchens have a homely tone to them, and they also offer a lot of comfort and functionality. The open shelves, wide sinks and classic flooring of these kitchens make them extremely comfortable to work in.

Farmhouse kitchen design photo by homedecorbuzz
Farmhouse kitchen design

You can cook delicious hearty meals in a farmhouse kitchen, and enjoy every moment in there. The best way to decorate a farmhouse kitchen is by adding beautiful bold colors, vintage articles, rugs, and carpets as well.

2. Modern kitchens

When we say modern kitchen, the picture of symmetry, frameless cabinets, simple cutlery, and sleek and simple cabinets, minimalistic hardware, total lack of ornamentation and the sheen and shine of the natural materials.

Modern kitchen design photo by homedecorbuzz
Modern kitchen design

Simplicity marks the beauty of modern kitchens. They usually use pastel colors like white, grey and blue to keep the pristine appearances intact.

3. Small sized kitchen

The obvious problem with small apartments is that there is no space for you to get an elaborate kitchen designed for yourself. However, you can utilize the space you have, by intelligently using every inch you have.

U-Shaped Small Kitchen decor
Small Kitchen decor

For a small kitchen, you can include cabinets, a stove, ventilator, and a sink. If you are left with space after these installations, you can also add a fridge or a microwave in the kitchen. Use bright colors on the walls to create the illusion of a bigger space.

4. Kitchen with an Island

The idea of a kitchen with an island is unique and fun. Basically, this island is a section or cabinet that is centrally located in your kitchen. You may or may not use this furniture for active cooking – instead, you can use it to store utensils.

Island kitchen design photo by homedecorbuzz
Island kitchen design

You can also use it for extra seating, as a stand for all the extra kitchen appliances and amenities that you may have. You can add bar stools or high-chairs along the side, as supplementary seating options. A marble countertop will look great on your kitchen island.

5. Straight kitchen

This is probably the most common type of kitchen you will find in an apartment. The straight kitchen can be fitted into any space with ease. A straight kitchen lines up against the wall, alignment being its attractive feature here.

Straight kitchen design photo by homedecorbuzz
Straight kitchen design

A straight kitchen can plan itself and does not affect the overall aesthetic of the house. To make the most of this kitchen, you can add black and white contrasts to highlight the symmetrical lines of the kitchen.

6. Transitional kitchen

The transitional kitchen has a modern design that is very space friendly. The minimalistic nature of these kitchens makes them the perfect addition to any small studio apartment.

Transitional Kitchen design photo by homedecorbuzz
Transitional Kitchen design

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What are your thoughts on these types of kitchens? Which one is your favorite one?

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