Favorite colors to paint home choices by 10 Indian Cities People

Survey: Top 10 Indian Cities find Blue, Green favorite to paint home

Blue and green colors are the most favorite choices for Indian residents when it comes to paint their home. In a recent survey conducted by HomeDecorBuzz across 10 major cities during September and mid-October, it is found that people like to have blue-green colors for painting their homes.

Around 2500 people took interest to answer questions and revealed their favorite color to paint house. HDB team members visited Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Chandigarh to get opinions from different mindsets.

Averaging these 10 cities people’s choice, Blue gets the most votes. 26.3 percent (near about 675 people) want to paint blue home while 24.7 percent gentry like green for painting home. Red color stands on third place with 22.4%.

Citizens from capital Delhi love red color with 31.9% while 32.8 percent Mumbai people love blue color. Kolkata goes with Violet (34 percent), Pune with Green (29.7 percent), Chennai with Yellow (29.3 percent), Bangalore with Blue (29.4%), Ahmedabad with Blue (27.8 percent), Chandigarh with Green (27.9 percent), Jaipur with Blue (31.3 percent) and Hyderabad with Green (29.6 percent).

Favorite colors to paint home choices by 10 Indian Cities People

On this survey, founder Aman Bansal said, “it’s Diwali festival around the corner and we planned few months back to have a survey among people in September-October to find out what they like in terms of choosing color for home. This is the perfect time to conduct survey and get opinion as people clean and paint their homes before Diwali.”

The table shows survey of top ten cities with their best three colors selection for painting home.

CITY 1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice
Mumbai Blue (32.8%) Red (25.4%) Green (21.9%)
Kolkata Violet (34%) Green (26.6%) Blue (19.8%)
Pune Green (29.7%) Blue (26.9%) Brown (21.4%)
Ahmedabad Blue (27.8%) Orange (25.1%) Green (22.2%)
Chennai Yellow (29.3%) Green (26.7%) Blue (20.9%)
Chandigarh Green (27.9%) Blue (26.5%) Gray (24.1%)
Bangalore Blue (29.4%) Red (26.8%) Orange (24.9%)
Jaipur Blue (31.3%) Pink (27.9%) Green (23.7%)
New Delhi Red (31.9%) Blue (28.2%) Brown (19.6%)
Hyderabad Green (29.6%) Orange (27.3%) Violet (25.5%)


Blue, green, red, violet, yellow, orange, pink, brown and gray are in the list of colors that Indians like to have on their home walls. Obviously single color doesn’t work. Combination of one of the top colors with white and light colors work well.

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