Tea Party

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Tea parties are known to be pretty, floral, and full of cakes and pastries. It is not uncommon to find miniature sets made for little girls and boys who act out tea parties with stuffed animal guests and makeshift food. While children enjoy the quirky and imaginative aspect of pleasantries over tea, there is something magical about bringing it all into real life.

Hosting a tea party is a favored birthday theme, where children dress up in frilly dresses and floral crowns as they pass around pastries while chatting about the latest Disney movie. But even adults can enjoy the prospect of socializing over brunch or afternoon tea. Consider a free e card maker to ensure a better and easy invitation process for the tea party.

Tea Party
Tea Party

The concept of setting up a tea party seems simple, but if you want to create a Pinterest-worthy one, then it involves quite a bit of work. From picking out the most beautiful Wedgwood tableware to selecting the perfect tea blends and pastries to chat over, here are a couple of things you need to set up the dreamiest tea party:

Tea Set

The most crucial element of a tea party is the tea set, which will mediate conversations and give a visual flair to your event. While the traditional image of a tea party evokes patterns of floral, lace, and dainty pieces, there is no hard rule that invalidates other designs. For instance, if you are a fan of minimalistic tableware, then, by all means, use teacups, teapots, saucers, and sugar pots that spark you the most joy.

Brands like Wedgwood carry a variety of styles to cater to different tastes. If you love white tea sets, then you love their honeycomb-textured pieces made of fine bone china. Meanwhile, if you have fallen in love with the traditional silhouette of English teacups, then you will find a selection of dainty, floral pieces that fit right into a princess’ veranda. From apple blossoms to oriental gardens and jasmine blooms, choose the tea set that you like the most.


A tea party without accompanying pastries will feel incomplete, as the bitterness of sugar-free tea pairs well with sweet pastries, while tea infused with sugar cubes will complement savory treats. If you are setting up an afternoon tea party, opt for small, bite-sized pastries such as tea cakes, macaroons, and custard tarts.

Little cakes are pretty, taste lovely, and are not too large – an essential so that you can enjoy a myriad of flavors over pleasant conversations. Meanwhile, if you plan to enjoy tea over brunch, prepare small sandwiches, cucumber canapes, crostinis, frittatas, and scones.

A tiered Wedgwood cake stand will beautifully display your gastronomic spread and allow everyone to pick whatever catches the eye. You should be able to find one that perfectly matches your tea set.

Tea Blends

There is a wide variety of tea blends from all over the world, enough to last you more than a lifetime of tea parties. However, the tea base is often made of white, green, or black origin. While the three come from the same floral family, their primary difference is in the way they are processed.

White tea is minimally-processed and gives off a light and floral taste. Meanwhile, green tea is steamed or fried and gives your taste buds a fresh, grassy taste. If you love bold flavors, then opt for black tea, which offers a robust and malty flavor.

You can find all sorts of teas, including chocolate or rose-infused varieties. The best way to enjoy them is with a beautiful tea set, good company, and a lovely conversation. With the suggestions mentioned above, you should be on your way to set up the tea party that you have always dreamed of as a child.

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