Colorful kitchen design style

Small Kitchen Design Ideas, Tips

The most overlooked part of our house is the kitchen. No matter how big or small it is, we do not decorate or do not know how to decorate it as much as we design our other rooms.

Most of the kitchen sizes are small compared to the other rooms of the house. Compact kitchens are more efficient to work in, so you need a good designing idea so that they can look more functional and less cluttered.

Colorful kitchen design style

We have created a list of simple kitchen design that you can implement in your kitchen to make it stand out.

1. Incorporate overhead cabinets

The kitchen becomes very messy because of the kitchen tools, utensils and appliances. Clear the clutter by incorporating cabinets. It will help you to keep away things from the kitchen slabs and make it look more spacious.

2. Counter space

In small kitchens, there is a lack of enough counter spacing. You can turn your sink into a cutting board by bringing in a cutting board that exactly matches the size of the sink. You can even follow this procedure to make your stovetop multi-functional, but only when there is no cooking going on, on the stove.

3. Choosing colours

The basic rule of choosing paint for a room follows – lighter colours for a smaller kitchen and darker colours for large-sized ones. Try to choose a paint which is light in colour like light yellow, baby pink or powder blue, depending on your taste. This can create the illusion of making your kitchen look more spacious and can bring in light.

4. Wall storage

Implement one or two wall racks for utensil storage. You can also bring in some wall magnets for storing your knives. This will change the look of your kitchen completely and make it look more professional.

5. Implement drawers

Drawers allow easy access to the cutlery or utensils and do not take much space. The storage of drawers is high and gives a classic look to the kitchen.

6. Consider the shape of your kitchen

Incorporate drawers and cabinets considering the shape of your kitchen. The shape is a very important aspect while designing the kitchen space. For instance, if the kitchen is of U shape, put in some extra slim and stylish cabinets.

7. Skip bulging out handles

Do not put in those heavy handles in your cabinets or drawers. Instead, try to go for a slimmer one. This saves space and is in fashion.

8. Appliances

Avoid buying big microwaves or food processors. This will eat up all the space and look clumsier. Try to implement smaller sized appliances or a multi-functional appliance.

9. Add on a shelf

Try adding shelves where you can store the kitchen recipe books or small utensils.

10. Windowsill

You can use the windowsill in your kitchen for storing a few things like canisters or some spices or even a small kitchen garden.

Try to follow these smart tips on simple kitchen design for a small space and enjoy cooking.

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  1. Nice Article! As per my view Pare down your kitchen stuff to the absolute minimum and you’ll be surprised how much space you really have. That way, your textural materials can truly pop. Thanks for sharing your post.

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