Things to Remember While Buying a Kitchen Chimney

Things to Remember While Buying a Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen is a place where most women spend the maximum time of the day. Hence, kitchen chimney has emerged as one of the most beneficial product for the kitchen. The kitchen preparations are cooked with oil and spices for taste and flavor. The gas and oil together turns your ceiling black and sticky.

Things to Remember While Buying a Kitchen Chimney

To keep the kitchen clean, tidy and smoke free, the best and modernized remedy is chimney which will remove smoke quiet efficiently and also, it adds glamour to the kitchen and is loved by all the home-makers. So, few things should be kept in mind while buying a kitchen chimney.

1. Budget: Most important feature for buying any product. Depending upon your pocket you can select the type of chimney you want. It has different designs, features, capacity, brands, and facilities. Price varies on chimney to chimney. Make sure to keep the quality factor in your mind as well.

2. Size: Chimney size varies from 60 to 90 cms. Now, that will be your take which size of the chimney you prefer. It depends on the size of your family and kitchen space. If you have a spacious kitchen, then go for the bigger one.

3. Cleaning technology: There should be either auto-cleaning facility as they have zero or least maintenance and also not only saves energy but, also your valuable time or if has to be cleaned manually, make sure the corners are seamless. Basically, right cleaning technology should be available.

4. Air Suction Capacity: Most important thing to be kept in mind while buying a chimney. For those houses where non-vegetarian and fried dishes are made very often, they have to choose a chimney with 401m3/hr suction capacity, whereas the regular houses can opt chimney with 400m3/hr suction capacity. Suction power depends on the size of the kitchen as well of the house.

5. Energy Consumption: Make sure to check the energy consumption of the chimney so that you do not get a regular dent in your monthly expenses of electricity as it might run for extended periods of time.

6. Blowers: A high number of blowers ensure more efficient and effective removal of unwanted smells, oil and grease and works fast and easy and makes less noise. It runs simultaneously to provide effective exhaust of unwanted smells.

7. Filter: It should be easily removable so as to clean and maintain it at regular intervals. If not cleaned, then it will stop the entire system from working. Make sure the filter is either aluminum cassette filter which is cheap but not durable or baffle filter which is expensive and heavy but it is efficient.

Apart from these, which thing you would like to consider while buying chimney for kitchen?

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