10 best ways to add Curb Appeal.

10 best ways to add Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is an attractive feature of a house or any other property from the sidewalk. Many ways and options are there that can increase the curb appeal of a piece of property, sometimes that’s all it takes is a slap of paint and a little creativity. Landscaping, pulling weeds, paint, general clean up and siding can go a long way towards accomplishing this. Some more ways can be opted.

10 best ways to add Curb Appeal.

Tips to add Curb Appeal

1. Refinish the front door

The front door has a lot to do with the overall curb appeal. If the door is old or outdated or has a dull color, then refinish it and give it a new life. Either replace it or consider a little paint and molding instead. A bright colored door is a great way to draw attention to the house and make it feel modern and inviting.

2. Add some Lighting

Many ways can be opted to add lighting in the house, walkway or the garden. Decorative lights helps to make the house feel more welcoming and adds beauty to the front yard or the walk way. Put in some porch lights or just upgrade the ones which are already there.

3. Build Window Boxes

More and more of window boxes should be placed as they give an opportunity to have colorful flowers and plants growing right on the side of the house. It can turn a boring window into one of the home’s best features and also make the windows appear larger. Window boxes can be used to either plant seasonal flowers or for simply growing herbs which can be used in the kitchen. They are easy and inexpensive to build.

4. Create a Walkway

Also known as an arbor which is the base of the walkway or the entryway of a front yard garden. It can be built by something as simple as placing a few pieces of slate down to create a pathway. Once built, simply stain or paint the arbor to match the exterior of the house.

5. Mailbox Makeover

It is the first impression of the house. If it is a bit old, replacing it will instantly change the curb appeal for the better and may be for the best too. It is inexpensive as we can just give it a facelift with paint, rather than changing it entirely.

6. Wash the House

Either white wash can be done or simple pressure wash can be done so as to remove the old dirt and grime to make it look virtually new again. Wash the windows inside and out, swipe cobwebs and also not to forget the garage door too. Pressure wash is convenient as it will take much less time than painting.

7. Redo the House Numbers

Upgrading the house numbers really can help to improve the curb appeal. Font can be changed as it is very important or beautiful modernized numbers is another option.

8. Revamp the Welcome Mat

Give new life to a ratty door mat with a new classy one, depending upon the style and preference. Laying down a new doormat not only increases the curb appeal but also makes the home more attractive and also gives the more welcoming feeling to guests.

9. Cover Bare Spots

Any place in the yard that is bare or dead, needs to be covered up so as to make the surroundings more beautiful. If there is dead grass, dead trees or simply spots around the trees, then create a flower bed around the trees for another well contained pop of color.

10. Hanging Plants

Hanging planters look great on the front porch and make the home more friendly and beautiful. Vertical planters can also be an option. Vines and annuals are some good choices for hanging plants and so are strawberry and tomato plants.

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