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7 Types of Rugs to use for Living Room Interior Design

At the time of choosing rug for your living area, the most important decision lies in choosing the rug type. It is next to very complicated and arguable decision to decide the material of the rug. Before taking any kind of decision you must consider the qualities of rug you are choosing to fill up the floor of the living room.

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In living area you must select the soft rug that affect the style of the living room.  Here is the list of various types of rugs that can be used in living area.

1. Prime choice is WOOL material

For high traffic area like living room, purchasing a rug of wool material is prime choice. Make sure that your living room is not a damp area as wool material rug soak up the humidity, thus a good heat insulator. The benefits of the wool rug are, it repels the water and stain and make the environment very pleasant.

Wool material rug for living room.
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2. Extreme soft SILK rug

Silk made rug are the best option to place at the corners of the living room. As they are expensive and costly in maintenance, so it is not a good option to place in between of the living room. The centre part of the room is usually caught up by various people of the house. They are sensitive to moisture and comparatively less sturdy than wool rug. The benefits of silk rug are they are extremely soft in material, provide a luxurious surface, very fine fibre and offer a great design to the living room.

Luxury living room silk rug.
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3. Popular for living room, like COTTON rug

It is a great idea to place cotton rug in a flat weave and they can be easily washable if the size of the rug you are using for living room is small. Cotton rug can easily come in contact with dirt but can easily be removed. If you choose soft fibres in rug it might be bit expensive as compared to others.

Popular cotton rug for living room.
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4. Twisted yarn of CHENILLE rug

If your house is surrounded by babies then choosing a chenille material rug is the best as this rug would help a baby while crawling. It is the best material to be used in living area and provides contemporary design to the room. You can also use them in sitting areas. Benefits of the chenille are famous for its softness and provide luxurious look to the room.

Chenille rug to decorate living room.
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5. Natural fibre rug of JUTE

They are the best rug for layering with other rugs and very string in quality. They give a clear choice to the cottage style house. Out of the remaining natural materials, jute is considered as the least comfortable rug barefoot but very strong.

Jute rug for living room.
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6. Durable rug of BAMBOO material

It is true that it does not provide warmth fabric rug but bamboo rugs are great solution to the cover up the corner parts of the living room. It can easily sustain wear and tear and perfect to be placed at high traffic area like entrance of the living room. The benefits to use this rug are, they are durable material and can be used for many years, biodegradable and easy to wash.

7. Easy to clean SYNTHETICS rug

Natural high quality fibres like wool are very costly rugs in market but in replace of natural fibres synthetic fibres are best to buy as they are cheaper and provide various advantages. They are brilliant choice to add in living room as, they are easy to clean and durable, stain resistance material and gives pleasant feel like a natural fibre.

What’s your call on choosing rugs for living room?

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