Vintage Style master bathroom design.

5 Ideas to decorate Master Bathroom

Bathrooms though not a place where we spend a lot of time but still they are very important parts of our lives. Bathroom is place where we first go when we wake up and generally it is also the last place we visit before going asleep. Creating Master Bathroom is not a big deal if you are creative and know exactly what you want in the place as per your personality.

First thoughts that come to your mind lay the foundation of the entire day so, it’s always better to start the day with a good thought and for this the place where you are going to spend some early minutes of your day should be good.

A bathroom should always be clean and everything in it should be neatly placed since a bathroom is related to the hygiene and sanitation of complete house. Also the paint on walls should be good. This all will help you in starting your day on a happier note. Well that being said, here are some tips that will help you level up your bathroom.

5 Ideas to decorate Master Bathroom.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Keep it light

You should go with a light shade of paint or somewhat brighter shade. This will actually lighten up the atmosphere of the bathroom and also give you a sense of freshness every time you enter the bathroom. Light shades reflect most amount of light hence it will also give you a sense of a bigger bathroom.

Old is gold

Well what i mean here with this old saying is that use some vintage looking styles in the bathroom, though if only you have an appetite for history. Using an antique looking bathtub with some historical designed tiles on the floor will up the ante of any bathroom. A old fashioned mirror with a dressing table attached to it will also give it an awesome look.

Vintage Style master bathroom design.

Use marble instead of tiles

Marble give more authentic look to your bathroom flooring. Instead of tiles use a good pattern marble, this will instantly upmarket your master bathroom. Also you can use a marble top with embedded sink, providing a plush feel to the bathroom. Marble has certain kind if originality and ambience to it and will always leave you in awe and you will get a more complete feel from it.

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In mist master bathrooms due to good space people usually keep everything at one place, generally a corner. Instead of overloading a corner use good accessories for everything like a towel hanger should be around a bath and a small hand towel holder just beside the sink. Give all the soaps and daily usables a space of their own, this will not only give you easy access to these things but also will make your master bathroom more organized and complete.

Things of oral hygiene like toothbrush and mouthwast etc. can be smartly hidden behind the mirror by using a mirrored cabinet thus addressing two purposes, one it will give a more organized feel to your master bathroom and secondly it will keep the oral hygiene equipment away from dust.

Lovely Master bathroom design ideas and tips.

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Gild it up

Gilding basically means things having golden color or a premium finish with a hint of golden shade. Since we are talking about master bathrooms using some premium gilded fittings will make it look royal. Taps for the sink, shower head etc. are easily available in gilded form. However, overdoing might ruin it so, just play smart and use the gilded fittings with a bit if steel and see how it works wonders for you.

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