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5 ideas to Decorate Pink Bedroom for Girl

The fashion trend of pink color, gained popularity in the middle of twentieth century and it shows an increasing trend in twenty first century also. The reality is the fashion advisers are coming up with the same ideas which were prevailing earlier during 1900s in the market. They found “pink” color to be the best color for girls. Today, pink color is perfect color for girls and women’s bedroom.

There are plenty of ideas, interior decoration, accessories that help to integrate pink color in your bedroom in the modern home decor. It always make sense to create a bedroom of a girl that is extra special in every terms whether it would be wall of the color or bed. Here are 5 simple ideas to decorate pink bedroom for girl to make them feel more special.

Pink color theme ideas for girls bedroom

1. Touch of glamour with pink

To create bedroom in pink color does not always means to use pink color everywhere and nothing else. Create all four walls with black and white stripes; choose all the accessories of room in pink color and full length mirror should be placed with golden or silver border of any floral or abstract design. This theme works perfect for the teenage girls.

5 ideas to Decorate Pink Bedroom for Girl.

2. Disney princess themed bedroom and interior style

The popular theme of Disney franchise is “princess theme” among teenage girls. Majority of the girls would love to be treated like a princess no matter how old they are or whether they accept this reality in front of any one or not. Disney princess style is perfect theme to set up in your girl’s bedroom. You only have to make one thing sure that use of pink should be plenty along with few other shades of pink. Also, drape the bed with princess themed bed sheets.

Small canopy pink bedroom design for princess

3. Blend of white and pink color

This theme does not give any princess look nor the Hollywood starlet style but this theme particularly deals with the blend of pristine white and posh pink color. This theme is best suitable for those who use white color as their backdrop and among the cool contemporary houses. To create the lavishness in girls’ bedroom with ease, blend of white and pink works very well in that case and both the colors are perfect match in themselves.

Pink color bedroom interior design ideas for girls room.

To prepare this theme in bedroom you should buy few things in white color and remaining in the shades of pink. Also, go for different tones of pink color for wall.

4. Other styles like eco-friendly in pink color

There are various options with innovative styles and designs are available to you; there combination with pink color is great idea. Those who want to make their daughter’s room that depicts a sense of eco-friendly, then blend of green and pink color is best idea. This will surely enhance the love towards nature in your daughter’s mind and build eco-friendly attitude. Thus, purchase the bed in pink color and other accessories in shades of green color. Curtain can be designed with alternative color of pink and green.

5. Multitude with different colors

You can also use orange and red color with pink bedroom. Simply pick up the bed of pink color; wall art in the color combination of orange and red; full size mirror with unique borders; other accessories of different shades of pink color. Moreover, a touch of pink with purple color is perfect match. Thus create you room more sophisticated and chic tone.


  1. These are surprising 5 ideas to Decorate Pink Bedroom for Girl. Blend of white and pink to create lavishness in girls’ bedroom works very well. This theme is best suitable for those who use white color as their backdrop. Other options with innovative styles and designs are available to you; their combination with pink color is a great idea.

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