Bathroom Decorating ideas for Rental Property.

Bathroom Decorating ideas for Rental Property

While staying in a rental property, renovating the whole area is bit expensive and you might do not know when and at what time you are about to leave the place. Thus, renovation and rental is the combination of that word which cannot be heard at a same time. However, to avoid green tiles or small storage areas, here are some bathroom decorating ideas for your rental property that makes your bathroom a better place to use it.

1. Addition of storage

Rental bathroom generally do not have that much storage capacity to fulfil all your requirements. Thus there is not a lot build in storage. Hence small additions like shower caddies and shelves can help you to deal with this problem. You can add other few bathroom accessories and fix it up in the wall, make sure it won’t damage the tiles. Though most of the things might be expensive but some of them come in warranty also, or you can buy the cheaper version if you are planning to leave home in another couple of years.

2. Dress up your window

If your bathroom window is open or have a transparent glass, then dress up bathroom window with curtains or fix up translucent glass into it. This is cheaply available in the market and different patterns are available in this.

Bathroom Decorating ideas for Rental Property.

3. Ugly tiles need to be covered up

For green or yellow tiles that make your bathroom looks ugly, paste heavy duty stickers that can easily cover up the existing ugly tiles. When you are about to move out or leave your rental property then you can easily peel them off. The stickers are available in various styles and patterns and cheaply available.

4. Usage of Tension Rod

No doubt Tension Rod is old fashioned in market, but it remains perfect for the rental property. You just have to hang a shower curtain without fixing up into the tile. If you want to try something new then you can also opt for a standard rod.

5. Bad lightning? Change them

Majority of the rental property has ugly and outdated lightning, thus you need to update them. Simply change or replace the fixtures, add on some new shades of lights in bathroom to provide lights to the whole bathroom.

6. Decorate bathroom with colour and pattern

Accessories are always beautiful addition of your bathroom; but you do not have to add colours in your bathroom by painting the walls, add these colours using accessories. Purchase bathroom textiles with varied colour schemes of bathmats, shower curtains and towels.

7. Addition of freestanding furniture

If your rental bathroom has enough space to place a tool, storage cabinet or chair can make your bathroom more like your home. You can choose waterproof pieces like ceramic garden stools. They are worth to buy because not even steam and moisture would harm this material.

8. Always fix up your fixtures

If the seat of your rental toilet is sub-par or the hardware of your rental bathroom need an up gradation, then fix some new fixtures. Most of the time landlords are very helpful and deduct the amount of new fixtures from your rent. Even if your pocket won’t allow doing so, then there are many items in the bathroom which are cheaply available in market.

Thus, these bathroom decorating ideas will renovate your rental bathroom and makes a good place to bath and refresh your mind.

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