Fireplaces Types

8 Types of Fireplaces That Catch Your Eye

When thinking of a fireplace, whether traditional or modern or wood or ethanol, these days you can have a fireplace in any room. Whether you are building new house or remodeling it, you can work with fireplace and by following home remodeling & renovation guide, you can ease your work.

Fireplaces Types
Fireplaces Types

There are a few different types of fireplaces that not only add a touch of warmth to any room but can also catch your eye. They can be breathtakingly beautiful to where you want to sit by one all day and sleep by one to stay warm all night. Here are eight different types of fireplaces that catch your eye.

Fireplaces Types

1. Traditional Fireplace in the Wall

A traditional fireplace inside a wall is the perfect fireplace to break up your wall of built-in shelving. You can have tile on either side to add a touch of elegance. This is an amazing designer move that will create visual harmony.

2. Frameless Floating Fireplace

Can you say frameless floating fireplace five times really fast? It doesn’t matter if it is a tongue twister or not because the frameless floating fireplace can be a wonder for your eyes. This type of fireplace is used to divide large spaces in your living room or bedroom, wherever you have one installed. Add some tiles to bring in a wonderful texture to the room.

3. The Hearth

The hearth is what they originally called fireplaces in the old days. It means focus as in the focus of the room. The hearth is low and sleek with a touch of flair that will catch anyone’s eyes and bring their “focus” to the center of the room where the hearth is located. Although wood surrounds should be placed at least six inches above the opening of the fireplace, professional contractors actually recommend 12 inches of wood surrounds placed above the opening of it.

4. The Dual-Sided Fireplace

Having a dual-sided fireplace in your room means double the fun and double the beauty and warmth. If you place the dual-sided fireplace on an exterior wall, you can create a focal point that points to the patio, if you have one, as well as your family room in your home. Gas fireplaces are the standard type for the dual-sided fireplace.

5. The Firebox Fireplace

Wood and fire are the perfect match, aren’t they? However, back in the day, many people would have been afraid to use them together because of them previously being called a fire hazard. Although this may have been the case back then, it isn’t the case now with new technology helping you along your way with these fireplaces.

One way to make this a worry-free design for homeowners is to create a textured look with tiles made to look like wood, wood composites, as well as insulated fireboxes, many homeowners can now enjoy this look and warmth in their home worry-free.

6. Cast Stone and Concrete Fireplaces

It isn’t set in stone that fireplaces have to be rectangular or square. They can also be cast stone and concrete and made in many different shapes and sizes. The cast stone and concrete materials were made to help contractors make fireplaces in any shape and size to make their customers happy.

7. Lean Floor Level Fireplace

The lean floor level fireplace makes a minimal statement in the room that it is located in. When fireplaces are gas, they give the contractors more freedom when making the hearth box. However, if the gas line can’t be done for whatever reason, try using gel inserts to create the look and feel of a real gas lean floor level fireplace. 

8. The Limestone Mantel

The limestone mantel with the herringbone firebox can add all of the warmth of the traditional fireplace to any room, especially your family room. If you can’t make the look authentic enough, you can recreate the look of old-world style and warmth of a mantel by installing a faux mantel.

One thing to keep in mind is when buying the faux mantel, you will need to confirm how the firebox will need to be aligned. These mantels are usually not custom made meaning you will need to install a piece of tile in-between the small gap.

Once you choose which one of these amazing fireplaces to have installed in your home, be sure to hire a professional contractor to install it and not to do this yourself. You want your fireplace installed perfectly without any errors made. 

These are just a few of the most beautiful looking fireplaces that will catch your eye once you walk into a room with one in it.

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