Woodland photo wallpaper for summer bedroom.

Why Wallpaper is a better Choice than Paint

The wallpaper versus paint debate has gone on long enough. The verdict is in and it’s undeniable that wallpaper is better than paint. Wallpaper is cheaper in the long-run, durable, easy to clean, and the options are endless.

The next time you’re deciding on what to buy, consider the following 5 reasons why wallpaper is better than paint. You’ll find yourself trading in your paint brushes and rollers for the wonderful world of wallpaper.

Reasons why wallpaper is better than paint

1. Cost Efficiency

There’s no denying that some varieties of wallpaper can put a dent in your wallet fast but not when you think about it in the long-run. Because of its durability, wallpaper doesn’t need to be replaced so you won’t have extra expenses trying to fix the issues that are inevitable when it comes to a paint job.

Woodland photo wallpaper for summer bedroom.

One of the best things to happen to wallpaper is the peel and stick variety that is available in practically every texture and color, and even full wall murals. It’s typically sold in rolls and you can save leftover pieces for other projects and areas in the home, saving you even more money.

The cost-efficiency of wallpaper, especially of the peel and stick variety is something to get excited about. This type of wallpaper is so versatile you can reimagine almost anything with wallpaper and save money while doing it.

2. Durability

Unlike traditional paint, wall paper will last you much longer. It’s the easy way out of dealing with frustrating scratches, chips, and marks that easily occur and accrue over time with a regular paint job. By using wallpaper you’re not going to have as many scratches and marks, especially if you use a wallpaper that has texture and pattern. Wallpaper does a great job at disguising any mishaps.

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Aside from being free from the danger of chipping and indentations, wallpaper also comes in water-resistant options. When you’re purchasing your wallpaper look for labels that advertise the wallpaper as impermeable to water.

This is another element of durability that paint can’t offer. Wallpaper can transform your space and keep it looking fresh for years to come, all without the headache of constant repairs and the cost that comes with it.

3. Easy Clean-up

Ever tried to wash stains off a painted wall? It’s no easy task and there’s probably hundreds of DIY videos available to figure it out. You can save yourself the trouble and use wallpaper for an easy clean-up. Wallpaper can quickly be cleaned with ease using most normal household cleaning products. A soft damp cloth or sponge will do the trick. Use a little bit of dish soap or detergent and gently wipe away any dirty areas on your wallpaper.

If you’re looking to take down your wallpaper for a different look, or because you’re moving, wallpaper cleanup is extremely simple these days. If you’re using the peel and stick variety, it’s as fast and easy as simply pulling it off the wall. You won’t have to worry about stripping away the paint underneath either.

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The same worry-free cleanup also applies to peel and stick wallpaper when you’re initially putting it up. No more messy paint brushes, spills, and using tape around edges. With this type of wallpaper, you simply peel off the backing and throwing away the backing is about the only clean up that will need to take place.

4. Endless Color Options

Wallpaper has just as many color options, if not more, than what paint has to offer.  You can find virtually any color of wallpaper in practically any hue, tone, and tint. You can even find wallpaper that has color combinations and patterns.

The sky is the limit when it comes to color options. If you’re looking for colors that make your room feel calm, you can find crèmes, grays, light blues, and beyond. For a something a little less subtle, wallpaper also comes in bright, lively colors such as Kelly green, neon pink, and much more. With all of the color variety, you can set the mood for any room in the house.

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The beauty of having so many color options is that you can easily use the wallpaper to make a room feel the way you want it to feel. If you want an adventurous room, try adventurous colors. If you’re looking to create a luxurious vibe, try royal colors that exude elegance.

There’s no limit to the creativity you can experiment with when it comes to wallpaper. Paint colors can be mixed together to achieve a desired look, but paint won’t ever come near having as many color choices as wallpaper.

Can you imagine having to paint a pattern on your wall? So many of us have done it for ages, using rulers and measurements to make sure our lines are straight, it can drive a person crazy. With the patterned wallpaper options available in every color and combination, you don’t have to worry about meticulous measurements and planning anymore. All you need with wallpaper is a pair of hands to help you reach wall heights and spans and smooth the paper out.

5. Texture Options

Achieving texture with paint is no easy task, so do away with it and stick with textured wallpaper. You can purchase wallpaper that has an actual textured feel or wallpaper that is created to mimic a texture effect. Textured wallpaper also comes in peel and stick varieties as well and the choices are plentiful.

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If you want a wall that is sophisticated and classic, there are wallpaper varieties with a silky texture and sheen. This will make any room look rich and inviting. You can also create a contemporary or outdoor look with wallpaper that mimics a stone texture. It won’t actually feel like rocks or bricks, but the look of it will make it seem like it’s popping out from the wall.

Paint will always have it functionality in the home, but wallpaper is replacing it terms of versatility, cost-effectiveness, creativity with options, and much more. Wallpaper will transform your space in a way that paint will never keep up with. These 5 reasons of why wallpaper is better than paint are a great reminder the next time you have a decision to make. Ditch the messy and laborious paint routine and try wallpaper for your next project.

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