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11 Reasons Why Granite Countertop is best for kitchen

If you’ve ever looked into remodeling your kitchen, you’ll know there are a ton of options to pick from. The material that you select for your countertop depends on your actual needs and what you find most important. If you’re looking for durability, granite is perhaps the best choice on the market.

The popularity of granite is undeniable. It has been a popular material for a kitchen remodel and upgrades for several years now and that trend is likely to continue given the classic nature of the stone itself. if you’re still not convinced that granite kitchen countertops are the way to go, consider the following interesting facts about granite.

Beautiful black color kitchen decor inspiration

How Granite Kitchen Counter is best

1. Granite is Not Going Anywhere

If you’re worried about picking a countertop that is going to be dated or out of style, then look no further than granite countertops. Granite is a natural material, similar to wood and marble, that simply doesn’t go out of style. The natural look and feel of the stone complement most design styles from traditional to modern. this is especially true if you opt to go with one of the more neutral variants that are primarily white, beige, or gray.

Both designers and homeowners are in love with granite countertops. A simple flip through any design magazine or any episode aired on HGTV gives testament to this love affair that’s unlikely to go anywhere.

2. Granite is a Piece of Art

The inherent nature of granite and how these countertops are produced makes each one a piece of art. First, consider how granite countertops are made. the some itself is quarried.

As the manufacturer begins to quarry in different directions, the different elements and minerals found in the stone will fluctuate, altering both the color and the veining. Once a certain area is completely quarried, that particular style of granite is gone, making your exact countertop a special limited edition.

It is important to keep in mind how the granite will be used. If the stone is going to be used in areas that are not going to have much interaction with foods and possible stains, then a lighter shade may be suitable. On the hand, if there is a high probability for stains, sitting water, etc., you may be better suited with a darker variation.

3. Granite is Extremely Durable

Granite is one of the most durable materials on the market for your kitchen countertop. In other words, granite is a material that is going to hold up under wear and tear that is typical of kitchens. Here are some areas where granite stands out.

4. Heat Resistant

Unlike other countertop materials that will melt or crack when exposed to heat, granite is a strong material that is not affected by heat. With granite, you can take a hot pan off the stove and place it directly on the countertop.

However, long exposure to heat could cause a crack when using devices such as a crockpot or slow cooker, so the use of a trivet when using these devices is advisable. Now, while it is possible to put a hot pot on a granite countertop, it is not necessarily something that is recommended as it can damage the sealant on the granite.

5. Stain Resistant

When you install a granite countertop, you have the option of sealing it. When you seal the granite it becomes stain resistant. Granite is a relatively porous material, so sealing can help keep your new countertops looking new. Sealers do this by penetrating the porous surface on the stone. It is important to note that the seal will wear over time and will need to be repeated occasionally.

6. Resistant to Chemicals

Granite is a strong, resistant material that is not easily affected by chemicals. This means that you don’t have to be as worried about the cleaner that you use on your countertops. However, repeated use of harsh chemicals will wear down the seal more quickly than going with a cleaner that is more gentle on the countertop.

7. Scratch Resistant

When it comes to granite, its inability to be scratched is a huge plus point. Few minerals can scratch granite. So even when there are those kitchen accidents and a pan is dropped on the counter or knife slips off the cutting board, you don’t have to worry about scratches.

8. Easily Repaired

Even if you have the unfortunate luck of having your marble countertop get chipped, scratched, or cracked, the good news is that granite can be easily repaired with a special color-matched epoxy. While there are professionals that can come to your home and repair your damaged granite, you can also find home kits at big box home improvement stores to fix small jobs yourself.

9. Granite is Low Maintenance

Worrying about taking care of your countertops is the last thing you want to deal with when you are living your life and taking care of your family. Granite is an ideal solution as it is a low maintenance material. With the quality of sealers in today’s market, you may not even have to seal your countertop for 10 years and you likely don’t ever have to worry about resurfacing your countertop like you would with another material like marble.

10. Granite is Affordable

Price is a major determining factor when picking materials for your remodel or upgrade. Granite countertops are one of the more affordable options on the market while having that ‘expensive’ look. If your kitchen is of average size, you are looking to spend around $3000-4000.

The total cost, of course, will depend on the type of finish you get, edging, cutouts, installation, etc. If your heart is set on a more expensive material like marble, but it doesn’t fit in your budget, granite may be just the option you are looking for.

11. Granite can Boost Your Home’s Value

The best part about installing granite kitchen countertops is that they can boost your home’s overall value. Granite countertops have a high return on investment, sometimes realizing a 100% return.

Not only does it increase your home’s value, but if you put your home on the market the granite countertops can make your home more desirable to prospective buyers. If you’re ready to start shopping for the perfect piece of granite for your project or for more information, you can visit

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