LED Strip Lighting Ideas

9 Amazing LED Strip Lighting Ideas For Your Next Adventure

LED lighting strips are bought by people these days for two main reasons, i.e., they are a cost efficient alternative to the traditional bulbs and they fit perfectly in applications which are tightly spaced. The following are some of the LED strip lighting ideas which you can use, during your next adventure.

LED Strip Lighting Ideas
LED Strip Lighting Ideas

1. LED light strips on the Trucks: Owning a big truck is something which every man would enjoy. And driving them around the town would be such a fun thing to do. And while trucks on their own look good, when you place lights on them, they look spectacular. The lights on trucks can be placed at the following places-

• Bed Lights
• Headlights
• Tail Lights
• Cabin Lights
• Lights at the floor

Thanks to the versatility of the strips, the lights can be placed at multiple places. And with strip lighting, you do not require a professional to install the lights. You can do that all by yourself.

2. LED light strips on the motorcycle: By adding custom lights to your motorcycle, you make your motorcycle stand out. Initially this was something which was practiced by far less people. However, these days, led lights on motorcycles are becoming a trend. And thanks to the LED lights, adding colours to the ride is a lot easier. And not just a single colour, you can add multiple colours on the bike. The following are the places where you can add lights on the motorcycle-

• Front Oil Tank
• Rear Fender Frame Rail
• Rear Oil Tank
• Lower Frame Rail
• Triple Trees
• Air Filter
• Lower Swing Arm
• Under Gas Tank
• Forks
• Upper Fairing Opening
• Center Trans Opening
• Under Seat
• Radiator Opening

3. Lighting up the building: Whenever lights are placed on a building, needless to say, the building looks dazzling. An example of this is the 47 story Miami Tower. This building thanks to its colour changing lighting scheme has featured in multiple TV shows and movies. LED lighting was not possible some years back. However, with the modern day advancements, every building can be brought to life in an otherwise dull skyline.

4. Marine LED Lighting: If you wish to make your boat look peppy and fun, you can try adding custom lights to them. For lighting up your boat, you need to make use of following LED lightings-

• Underwater lighting
• Accent lighting
• RGB Rope Lighting
• Engine Room lighting
• Compartment Lighting

Whenever you put up lights, since water is involved, getting waterproofing done is a wiser solution.

5. LED Light Strips on the Golf Carts: If you like golfing and you own a golf cart, you should surely add LED lights to catch people’s attention. LED lights and the colour of the golf cart should complement each other well. When you add lights to a golf cart, you can add them in several patterns to break the monotony of a single line.

6. LED Lights on the Shoes: Nothing can look trendier than sneakers which light up as you move. These LED lights are the latest fashion trend & most young adults and teens are willing to buy them. Thanks to the size of the LED lights, they can be attached to the shoes on its side.

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7. LED Landscape Lighting: Be it home or places elsewhere, when LED lights are used for decorating the landscape, it really makes the ambience come alive. The LED lights can not only be added on the exterior part of the abode, they can also be added on the foliage present in the garden. Here are some of the places where you can add the LED lights to improve the landscape-

• Bushes
• Pool
• Stairs
• Columns
• Trees
• Gazebo
• Window Frames
• Roofs and many more

8. Bridge LED Lighting Designs: When lights are puts up on the bridges, they really look aesthetically pleasing. The lights serve multiple purposes-

• They ensure that the alley used for walking is well lit up
• They add to the overall beauty of the bridge

9. LED lights at the nightclub: LED lights and nightclubs is something which is made for each other. Sounds and lights are the two things which transform a nightclub from average to the best. When LED lights are being put up in the nightclub, you need to ensure that the colours used are not too dull or bright. Every light has its own effect and hence, depending on the type of the crowd you are expecting, you need to use the colours.

These are some of the LED strip lighting ideas for your next adventure. Also to know more about LED light, you may refer 101Growlights. Brighten up your life with amazing LED lights.

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  1. I remember my son had shoes that lit up when he walked. Unfortunately he decided to chase the lights at night, into a road where a car was coming. He wasn’t hit or hurt, but it has put me off shoes that light up for good.

  2. Thanks for your good information. I want to know that what kind of led light should use for 4×4 grow tent. I have a 4×4 grow tent and i want to set up it.

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