Modern bathroom design trend

Bathroom Design Trends 2020

Having a great bathroom in your home is always a turn on. Even though we focus on remodeling different corners of our home, we usually tend to forget about our bathrooms.

If you are looking for some design ideas and trends for your bathroom, then here are some of the latest bathroom design trends for you.

Modern bathroom design trend
Modern bathroom design trend

1. Paint it black

Grey was one of the most popular colors for bathrooms in the past decade. But with the advent of the new era, you are definitely going to see some changes. Bolder and darker designs are preferred these days, especially black.

In the last few years, one can witness many houses switching over to dark designs that specifically highlights the black color. If you don’t want to paint the walls, then you can highlight the light fixtures, vanities, mirrors, and other fixtures with the dark color.

2. The vintage comeback

The vintage decor is classic and guess what, it is back with a bang! Gold fixtures, toilets, and sinks that have shades of brass and gold are the talk of the town now.

The warm tones of different elements and fixtures add class and grace to your very own bathroom. The colors, the textures give the right amount of depth and dimension to your space along with a luxurious look.

3. The industrial look

The style might not be for everyone but it is trendy and is accepted by more and more people around. The design is very current and it gives a funky addition to your bathroom space. You can use components that have a metal finish, wooden accents, funky tile patterns, etc.

The industrial sinks, the bare pipes with a pop of color can make your bathroom look modern and you will have a great addition to your home with minimum efforts. This bathroom design goes well with smaller apartments.

4. Beautiful tile shapes and patterns

With the help of technology, different manufacturers now can create all sorts of designs by putting into use the basic tiles. But in recent times, they are going beyond colors and graphics and are creating tiles that will make the traditional ones more interesting.

These days, tiles are no more the basic ones with a change in color and patterns, instead, there is an elevation in their overall look. You can see pentagonal and hexagonal tiles, fish scale tiles, and much more. These are not only about eye-catching shapes but they are matched to the overall vibe of your home. You can put these tiles not only on the walls but also on the floors.

5. Color pops

If you like to go with a neutral color for your bathroom, then adding some fixtures that have beautiful pops of color in it will make the whole space look much more interesting.

You can add some fixtures that have bright colors like a bright-colored sink or bathtub that can make your bathroom look very unique. This will boost your mood and will add up to your creativity level.

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