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Improving Air Quality Without Changing Your Interior Design

If you’re in love with the look of your home and don’t want to change it, but need to improve air quality, then there are plenty of things you can do to achieve that goal. One of the most common reasons why people worry about their air quality is because they don’t want to get sick.

Mold spores, ash from wildfires, odors from sewage spills, and other environmental factors can lower air quality. While homeowners can’t always control what happens outside or in the community, there are ways to improve air quality at home.

Family room interior decor, ideas, tips.

Vacuum Pet Hair More Often

The truth is that as adorable as pets are, they shed a lot of fur, which can be kicked up by a fan blowing or by walking. In order to keep your air cleaner, you will want to vacuum your carpets regularly. You will also want to wash any drapery you have hanging and furniture covers to ensure pet dander doesn’t accumulate.

Use A High-Quality Air Filter

By far one of the best ways to improve your indoor air quality without changing your interior design is to make sure that you are changing your air filter in your air-conditioning unit and furnace with regular frequency. How often you need to change your filter will depend on your lifestyle, health, and your budget.

If you are a smoker, burn a lot of incense or candles, or otherwise use combustibles in your home, then you will want to change your filters at least every 30 to 60 days. You will also want to change your filters this often if you live with someone who has asthma. If you live in an apartment with one pet then you will want to change your filters every two to three months.

If you live in a larger home and have one pet then you can change yours every three months. If you are not asthmatic and if you don’t have allergies or pets, then you can change your filters every six months. Filter King – 20x30x1 Air Filters are some of the best kinds of filters on the market for most air conditioning and furnace units.

Open Up A Window

There is nothing quite like fresh air. Opening up a window after a storm early in the morning can be a calming way to introduce a gentle breeze into your home. You want to be sure, however, to close your windows if it’s such a great day outside that your neighbors are cooking, smoking, or doing any sort of construction on their home that is emitting smells.

You’ll also want to adjust the temperature on your thermostat so it is not overworking. Lastly, you will want to remember to close your windows before going out or going to bed.

Add A Plant

One way to spruce up a room and improve air quality is to introduce indoor plants. There’s no moving around furniture or changing a room significantly by adding a plant. In fact, adding a plant to your indoor space has been linked to reduced physiological and psychological stress.

There are so many air purifying plants that you can buy and grow. Setting a plant on a windowsill so it can be in direct sunlight where it can flourish will brighten up any home. Popular indoor plants are:

  • Succulents
  • Rubber trees
  • Dracaena
  • Spider Plants
  • Snake plants
  • ZZ Plants
  • Pothos

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