Plain bathroom tile design for old age people.

Bathroom Tiles Ideas for Old Age People

Designing a bathroom for old age people is a difficult task. With the growing age the preferences change and things that one liked as a young gun seem as if they were too childish. Making a bathroom which suits the eye of old people is a tough task because it is really hard to put your finger in the right thing that an old person with like.

Some old people like just plain colors with everything simple in a bathroom and some old age people might differ. So before you start decorating a bathroom for an elderly person it is always a good thing to discuss the likes and dislike of the elderly and then work on a design. The space in a bathroom for old people should be a little more than a normal bathroom and also the paint job should be to their liking.

Tiles in a bathroom are very important and play a major role in not only protecting the walls but also they add a unique look to the bathroom. One has to be cautious while choosing tiles for a bathroom that is going to be used by the elderly. Using colors that are very bright may be too harsh on the eyes of the elderly. Try using a subtle color for the tiles and also make sure the tiles being used are not very shiny as they might appear to be a bit tacky of the old eye.

Bathroom Tiles Ideas for Old Age People.
Bathroom Tiles Ideas for Old Age People.

Well here are some suggestions for the tiles that can be used for the elderly people’s bathroom and hopefully they will like it.


Make sure the tiles being used in the bathroom for the elderly should be slippery when water is splashed on it. With age body tends to loose grip and also eyes loose power. So, it’s better to have a tile that does not become slippery with water on it. Tiles if are being used on the floors then should not have a smooth texture instead it should have a coarse structure but it should not be rough to the feel of skin.

Low maintenance

Tiles in a bathroom require constant cleaning to keep then clean and shining. Elderly people might have a tough task cleaning complicated designs of the tiles. So keep it simple in terms of designs and also keep the color also in an off shade so that it does not look dirty. Simple designs look good on the walls and are soothing to the human eye.


In a complete lifetime on sees so many colors that after coming to the last stage of life only plain colors suit you. Well plain does not usually mean white and there are lots of plain colors. Pale white color for a tile really looks good. Also a cream color will seal the deal. Light blue shade also looks good on the walls and is also a soothing color.

Plain bathroom tile design for old age people.
Plain bathroom tile design for old age people.

Avoid designs

People in old age might not like the designer tile that usually sooth the young people. Designs on tile though are not always bad, there are certain tile manufacturers that create some good designs that might look good but it is better not to take risk over here.

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Budget friendly

Though tiles always last very long but there might be cases that it may wither out. So it should be budget friendly for the old aged people.

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