Elegant black kitchen design by homedecorbuzz

Top Black Kitchen Designs, Ideas, Pictures

Kitchens are slowly but surely becoming the center piece of the home. Gone are the days when the kitchen was relegated to the back of the house and was a neglected and gloomy room. Today’s home maker is aware of the latest design trends and styles.

A black kitchen adds drama and flair to a home. A kitchen is the place where the family comes together at least once a day. So it is practically the one place which ties the decor together.

Elegant black kitchen design by homedecorbuzz

Black and chrome kitchens

“Black is a neutral colour and can be used to get startling results”, quoted by interior designer Maria Johns. Black cabinets with white marble countertops are the most obvious choice. Coupled with a chrome stove, chrome countertop and large appliances, door handles, rails and modular fittings create a stark but edgy and futuristic design.

Modern black kitchen decor with dinning table

You may use glass shelving or silvered glass backsplashes for a more dramatic look. The kitchen can have a couple of pops of colour in maybe a red rug or appliances placed on the countertop.

Amazing black kitchen interior decor picture

Alternatively, Black walls with black countertops combined with white cabinets and a white island can create equally great drama. Nowadays both black and steel cookware and accessories are readily available. These can be used to good effect. Green plants in corners can help to relieve the colour scheme.

Black kitchen countertop design and cabinets

Shades of black

Black is a universal colour. There are many shades of black available in the market. Jet black, matte shades of black and shades which are nearly in the realm of dark gray are available in wall paint colours as well as in flooring colours. Black tiles with white or colours like pink, grey, white make for interesting backsplashes.

Yellow chairs enhance beauty of black kitchen interior design

“You may choose to make a bold statement with a dark shade of black or tone the effect down with a more constrained shade”, said by home decorator Mark Rooney.

Traditional black color kitchen interior decorating idea

The materials used in the black cabinetry and countertops are also varied by the textures available. Crisp, angular and stark styles go well with darker blacks to create a modern and edgy design.

Beautiful black color kitchen decor inspiration

A more traditional look can be achieved by using a softer black, maybe a more weathered and aged finish works beautifully with contrasting shades in paler colours like yellow and lavender countertops and walls.

Luxury black kitchen design

Black as a contrast

For the home maker who wants a subtle intrusion of black in the kitchen colour scheme, there are multiple options available. Black granite countertops work well with yellow walls and cabinets. Black can be used with shades of red, orange or even purple to create stunning colour combinations in the kitchen.

Contemporary black kitchen designs

The evergreen favourite still remains the black and white. White walls and flooring with a black countertop can be uplifted with  red cabinets or even a red chimney.

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Black is a beautiful and classy colour to design with and with a judicious mix of other colours can create both a modern as well as a traditional look. So, don’t be afraid to use this radical colour. Go ahead and colour your kitchen Black, and see  jaws dropping in surprise!

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