Tips to decorate black-red kitchen

How to Design a Red and Black Kitchen

Red and Black is one of the most likable color combinations people love the have while designing home. Kitchen is also a major part in the home and ladies spend several hours in it in a day. Black and Red kitchen would be a great choice in kitchen interior designing and coloring as maximum women love these two colors.

How to design red and black kitchen interior

“The most dramatic combination in the world of interior design is the red and black combo. It is dramatic and edgy and very contemporary. Red and black are the two contrasts on the colour wheel. It is very easy to go over the top with this combination, but in the right combination it makes for a stunning kitchen” opines Pooja Bagri of Bagri Interiors. And she is not alone in saying so!

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Ways to design red-black kitchen

Red & Black Kitchen Designs

Balancing the two primary colors

Both red and black are primary colors and need a common ground. The easiest way is to add a little white to the colour scape. Black and red both have many nuances and hues, Black ranges from a jet black to a dull matte black, Red also ranges from bright blood red to a dull maroonish red. It is a good idea to mix and match glossy and dull shades for maximum effect and balanced interiors.

red and black kitchen decorating ideas.

Design ideas for a red and black kitchen

Dull red walls make for a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen, Add a white ceiling and floor, black countertop, cabinets and a red rug on the floor. Red appliances in metallic shades add drama. Contrast the dull red walls with glossy black for maximum contrast.

Tips to decorate black-red kitchen

Go for a white and black patterned tile on the walls and contrast with glossy bright red cabinets. A black granite countertop and gleaming chrome appliances and accents like cabinet and drawer handles look stunning. Add a fun element by adding a black and red backsplash.

Md zaman from Mark Interiors has a different take on the red and black kitchen. “Colour one wall red and one black. Use a black and white patterned paint on the other two walls. Add a large bay window to let a lot of natural light, if the window opens onto a garden, even better, Add a black natural stone countertop and floor with open glass shelving on the walls. You have a visually stunning kitchen that will energize you every time you step into it”.

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The use of texture

Ways to design red-black kitchen.

When using strong colours it is advisable to go for a minimalistic design and use textures as a design element. A rough-hewn black stone floor , a textured red wall, a red veneer with textured contrasts all add depth to the décor.

You can add accents like a potted plant with feathery leaves, or a gauzy white curtain tied back with red and black tassels to add a soft touch to an otherwise strong kitchen design.

Black-red kitchen interior designs

There is a fun way to decorate your kitchen. Designing custom die-cut stickers can make your kitchen personal and special. It is now easy to do it by yourself online. You can design kitchen custom die-cut stickers with your name, family photos, or even kitchen rules or any elements you like. And make your kitchen meet your different needs. No stickers. No fun.

The don’ts of designing a bold kitchen

 You are advised to be very careful while designing a vividly colored kitchen. If you add too much white you lose the drama associated with red and black, but if you are heavy handed with these colors you may end up with a design that is overpowering and unattractive.

Beautiful red-black kitchen decor

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Go with a minimalistic design to maintain the crisp and clean lines. Your furniture should be fuss free with stark lines. And last but not the least remember to keep your kitchen absolutely clutter free to enhance the stunning décor!

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