Farmhouse design photo

Farmhouse Design and Decor Ideas

Away from the densely populated urban areas, a farmhouse offers respite and a wonderful option of luxurious living. One reason people have started seeking land in remote areas is for a peaceful environment away from the cacophony. Having a farmhouse is nothing less than a blessing to enjoy a quick retreat with the freedom to have some alone time.

Now, all special things require special attention. Over the years the concept of the farmhouse has changed so has the style and patterns of design.

Farmhouse design photo
Farmhouse design photo

Keeping the contemporary trends in mind here are some ways in which you can decorate and design your coveted farmhouse:

1. Vibrant and colourful

Looking for a place nearby for a weekend get together? Well, farmhouse to your rescue! Choose the furniture wisely – contrasting in decoration is very much IN nowadays. Against a pastel shade wall, flashy and gaudy ornamentation will look gorgeous. Floral curtains, fancy sofas, decorative lights, and a distressed wooden floor will add glamour to the room. A designated children’s play area will make it complete. Leave your guests in awe.

2. Library/ Reading room

It is a great way to use the space properly. You can plan how you want to display and store your books and even set up a cosy quiet reading corner. Choose and install book racks according to your choice. Allow the place to have plenty of natural light and make the seating arrangement cosy where you can spend some lazy evening with your bookworm friends.

3. All white living room

White represents elegance and class. You can go for all white decoration and turn your farmhouse into a sophisticated living room. From furniture to curtain to carpets to lightings will create a serene and enchanting atmosphere where you can welcome and impress your guests.

4. Bedroom for kids

Even children need some privacy. Use your creative ideas to turn the extra space into a theme based bedroom for your child! Take help of their creativity let them paint, scribble, and doodle. You can also decorate the room with some hand paintings or some handmade craft products. Showcase their talent in a unique way.

5. Bring back the vintage

If you have a knack for the old and classic go for a retro makeover of the farmhouse. Antique clock, fireplace, the sliding door will add the flavour and drama of the time.

6. In house spa

To enjoy a relaxing day at home, you can create a spa-like ambience in your farmhouse! Not only is it a great way to indulge in some time spent with oneself but also an opportunity to rejuvenate your soul.

7. Open Kitchen

Plan an open kitchen in the available place that is useful especially during the house parties. A fancy kitchen is in the bucket list of many who are creative and exclusive.

Home is where your heart is. Away from the hustle bustle of daily life, we want to enjoy the company of our loved ones and spend some quality time. Use these ideas to renovate your farmhouse to create fond memories and make very second remarkable.

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