Purple living room

Purple Living Room Design Ideas

Your favourite colour determines how colourful you are inside. Bright colours signify warmth and joy. Lighter shades represent calmness and peace. Purple which was hugely popular in the earlier decades is finding its way back to our priorities again. The colour with its shades of pop and bold to neutral and soothing can be a match to all individual according to their personality.

Purple living room
Purple living room

Get creative with these purple living room design ideas!

Purple Living Rooms Ideas, Photos

1. Furniture

Purple was adored by Kings and Lords in ancient time. It is considered to be a Royal colour. A hint of purple in the living room like violet velvet sofa matched with lighter shades of the cushion will give a royal essence to your living room.

2. Planning

Other than furniture walls are a great way to add vibrancy to your living room. A brightly coloured purple wall will complement all furniture and accessories present in the room. Pastel shades of purple will look wonderful in the walls. If you want to go for textured walls, aim one particular wall of the room, colour the other walls in lighters pastel shades this will add to the hues.

You can also ditch the curtains for the lovely wallpapers available in all shades of purple as they also very much in trend and will give a touch of modernity in the royal dramatic environment.

3. Accessories

There is no such thing as too much purple! But choose your accessories wisely as to combine them with others. A stunning purple lampshade or an abstract painting in purple against your beautifully painted wall will increase the glamour of your living room. Match the classic print purple curtains with upbeat purple textures rug.

4. Visual delight

Make head turns by pairing your bright textures purple walls with soft shades of purple like lilac, mauve, and violet. The pale colours best suited with the vibrant ones will create a majestic atmosphere all around.

5. Less is more

Just a hint of purple in the living sometimes does wonder. House plants like Campanula flower, African violet, Oxalis will bring a sense of elegance and will surely impress your guests.

6. Mix and match

Purple, when combined with white, redefines class and sophistication. Mix these two colours to plan and design the colours and furniture of your living room and leave everyone in awe. White seating arrangements against a dark purple wall will set the mood and add a dramatic tone.

7. Colour play

The sensual purple coloured when paired with others creates a sense of completeness. Purple paired with golden accessories brings order and signifies contemporary living. When bright colour as orange is included with purple it looks passionate and tempting.

Colours have an impact on our minds. With its warmth, it helps us focus and calms our restless souls and sometimes by creating a soothing atmosphere helps us concentrate better. Perfect colour and design of your living room will leave an everlasting effect on the minds of all your visitors. If you are also a purple enthusiast get to work with the help of these ideas.

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