Decorate wall like professional home designer

Styling wallpaper in your living room

This year it’s all about pattern. From structured geometric design to wild leafy landscapes, wallpaper can bring an element of fun and a pop of colour into your space. However it can be difficult to style if you lean more towards the minimalist end of the spectrum.

Decorate wall like professional home designer

With a few simple tips you can create a chic and put together look in your home while sprucing up your space for the summer. Wallpaper can be just the thing to give your home a touch of character if it’s lacking a little love.

Touch of the Tropics

One of the biggest trends this year is 1920s decadence and an intricate tropical backdrop is perfect in creating this look. Big leafy palms and colourful birds will give your living room an irresistible hollywood regency look whether you live in shared ownership in Manchester or a big family home in the countryside.

Pair your leafy walls with deep velvet furniture, bright cushions and glossy gold trimmings. Simple gold candlestick holders and copper detail mirrors can really complete this look and create an art deco glamour that never goes out of fashion.

Linear Luxury

If you like a sleeker look then these clean lines and geometric patterns can create just that. Bold lines against a solid colour will give your living room a focal point that allows you to coordinate furniture in a similar way. This is the kind of wallpaper that won’t make your room feel ‘busy’. With its simplicity you can pair angular furniture and create a sophisticated look with basic and uncomplicated designs.

Mustard hues

Need an influx of colour in your living room? This latest trend will bring the sunshine into your home while creating an authentic 1970s look. This revamped retro style works great in a larger living rooms that you want to feel fresh and cosy.

Mustard wallpaper is a great way to create a dynamic and dramatic look without too much pattern. Perfect for summer and a great pairing with creams, oranges and tans, you can brighten up your room and create a vintage vibe with a simple change of colour scheme.

Morrocan Murals

If you really want to bring the summer sun into your space then this North African design is just want you need. Tiled effect wallpaper paired with stained glass lanterns will infuse the warmth of the Morrocan sunset and send light scattering.

Pair with rugs and wicker for a fresh and light look and layer fabrics in reds, yellows and blues. This look will bring your living room to life and breathe personality into even the most neglected corners.

So whether you’ve just found the perfect houses for sale in East London and can’t wait to decorate or you want to renovate the home you’ve lived in all your life, bring some life, light and  colour into your home with a pop of pattern and a wash of wallpaper.

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