How to Build Kitchen Cabinets.

How to Build Kitchen Cabinets (5 Steps)

A DIY project for kitchen cabinets can be a economic job and save you a small fortune. Kitchen cabinets though are available in the markets in all shapes and sizes according to the customer demands but they all cost a little fortune. One can save on some money if you are up for making kitchen cabinets by yourself. Kitchen cabinets might seem that they are complex and only a professional can do it but it is not that difficult after all.

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You just have get your choices right and have a careful and aware mind and there you go, you are all ready to craft your own kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are an integral part of one’s kitchen and thus having good kitchen cabinet is a must. Though it’s not difficult but it still is a time consuming job even for the most skilled. Also making your own cabinet mean you should have some carpenter tools and you should be precise in measurements.

How to Build Kitchen Cabinets.

Also the cut that you make on wood should also be clean. So doing a bit of research on carpenter styles and methods of using tools is advisable so as to prevent any mishaps during the build. Here are some steps that can be followed to make decent kitchen cabinets.

1. Choosing the correct for of wood

First and foremost the wood selection should be done as it will be the skeleton of the cabinets. The wood you choose should be easily workable, should be durable and should at least be termite resistant. There are a large variety of woods that are available in the market so choose wisely according to your requirements. Some common woods for this purpose are maple wood, oak, rift oak , adler etc.

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2. Have the right set of tools

Before starting a project first make sure that you are equipped for it. Search for the tools that you would require for the build and buy them or rent them if possible. You can also seek out some professional help for the type of tools that you would be requiring for the build. Measuring tape and a saw are the most important but there are many other tools like framing square, different types of hammers, drills etc.

3. Choose your design

Once you are equipped with everything that is needed then you just need to have a design in your mind. Choose a design that is not complex if you are an amateur but if you have done it before then you can obviously go for a more complex design. Whatever design you choose you should first make rough sketches on paper with exact measurements that you are going to need. Here some professional help is advisable.

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4. Let the build begin

Once you have sorted out all the basics of the build you are ready to get your hands dirty and start cutting the lumber in the shape and size that you require. Do not be in a hurry to make the cabinets. It is advisable to first cut all the pieces according to the measurements and label them and then in the end they can be assembled.

5. Decorate it: once the assembling is complete then only the decorative portion remains. You might think it is easy but with all the designs that are available in the market is really tough. But once you have settled on one design for decoration you can start pasting that design on the cabinets with the help of industrial glue.

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