Bright living room interior design 2016.

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2016

The term living room was coined in the late 19th century and it meant a room used for sitting and having light snacks. This room was used more as a formal room for spending some time with guests and has some formal discussions. Living rooms have changed with time and have undergone some serious developments but over the years its use has more or less remained the same.

Many people these days opt for a more trendy and fashionable living room furniture and paint on the walls. With the year 2015 it was clear that gone are the days when living rooms could just have some formal designs and the year 2015 saw many modern designs for living rooms that were not only unique but they were also candid. The living room now has become more of a status symbol for families.

More you invest in it the living room more goes up the status. Living room interior designs are becoming more and more candid and versatile. This year is no different from 2015 and this year as well there are many fashion trends that are going on for the interiors of the living room. Below are some of the latest interior design trends for the living room.

1. Go Bright

Gone are the days when people opted for bore and dark colors giving the living room board rooms feel. Now a days more and more brighter colors are being preferred by the interior designers. Colors like the bright orange on one wall and on rest three a light peach color makes a bright and candid combination and gives a fun feel to the living room. Bright colors like orange, light pink and many other colors are trending this year and people have a high liking towards them.

Bright living room interior design 2016.

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2. Outdoor is the new interior

The outdoor fabrics are now being used as the indoor fabrics and now there is no difference between the fabrics.  Outdoor fabrics have found use in heavy duty living rooms for the sole reason that they are tough and do not wear out easily. Same ways as the fabrics the wood that is now being used for furniture. The wood being used is tough and many of them have termite resistant qualities.

3. Extra-large tiles

Usually people prefer normal sized tiles in their living rooms but the trend new fashion in 2016 suggests the use of large sized tiles that give the floor a more complete look. Large tiles with designs of wood are more popular in the living room as they give the floor a wood floor like look and feel. Large tiles give floor a more continuous look as well.

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4. Go Tech less

In this modern era where tech holds a lot of importance in our lives and technology has practically consumed our lives designers are shifting to the tech less living rooms that allow a family to spend some quality time with each other. People are also now on the lookout for peace and what better way that to keep technology at bay for some time.

5. Greenery

People who live in flats or do not have a garden space an still want to be close to nature can opt for some small plants that have a shorter life cycle and can easily survive in the indoor conditions.

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