Designing play area for kids in home

How to Create a Fun, Safe Play Area for Kids

As any parent knows, playtime is essential for helping your children develop while also allowing them to have fun at the same time. However, while creative play will largely depend on your child’s unique interests, there are certain things that you need to bear in mind when creating a play area within your home.

Of course, the safety and security of your little ones should always be paramount, but there are other factors which must also be taken into consideration. From space and budget to more creative things like design and colour schemes, it’s the perfect opportunity to unleash your imagination and really let your creativity shine through.

Designing play area for kids in home
Designing play area for kids in home

So, if you are looking into creating a brand new play space for your children, what do you need to consider?


First things first – how much space are you realistically able to set aside for a play area? Whether it’s an entire playroom or just a dedicated corner of their bedroom or the living room, it’s important to map out the space you have available to ensure that you can budget, decorate, and purchase any furniture or accessories accordingly. Don’t forget to take measurements if you will be laying flooring or buying new furniture!


For younger children and toddlers, in particular, a comfortable, cushioned floor covering is essential. Try to stay away from hard floorings like tiles or wooden flooring, as this won’t cushion any floors and may make it easier for little ones to slip. Instead, cosy carpets are a safer option.

Funny playing area for kids
Funny playing area for kids

This way, you can also pick a fun colour that complements your chosen colour scheme – just don’t pick a light colour as it will inevitably end up being stained! On the other hand, if you fancy a quirky approach, why not carpet the play area in artificial lawn?

It’s not just for the garden, as synthetic turf can also make a fun floor cover – perfect for encouraging creative play! What’s more, fake grass installation is simple and straightforward, allowing you to get your kid’s play area ready in no time at all.


A play area should be well-lit at all times; a mixture of natural light for the daytime and artificial light for dull days and evening play is best. If there is a window in your dedicated play area, make sure not to cover it up with furniture and try to avoid dark colours and heavy drapes to allow as much light as possible to enter the space.

For artificial light, there are plenty of fun light designs and colourful, patterned lampshades out there to pick from. Why not shortlist a few then let the kids decide their favourite?


In a play area, furniture should be kept to a minimum. After all, the whole point of the space is that it is an area where creative play can take the forefront. Of course, a toy box is always a safe bet, as is a child-size desk and chair for any colouring or creative activities.

If your little one is a budding bookworm, you could also allow for a bookcase and a couple of bean bags for reading and relaxing. Go for colourful pastels or bright, bold colours for younger children and for older children, let their interests guide your choices.

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Understandably, the perfect play area will largely depend on your child’s likes, dislikes and preferences. No two children are the same and if you have more than one child, it’s important to take both kid’s wishes into consideration.

On the other hand, decorating for children needs to be safe and practical above all else. Are you ready to get started? It’s time to start creating the perfect play area for your children to enjoy today!

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