Tiles make kitchen design beautiful.

Top Kitchen Design Ideas, Tips, Pictures

Kitchen has always been one of the most important parts of a home. Kitchen pumps the life to the complete home. From the time of kings till today this room of the house has seen many developments like earlier mud burners were used but now people are shifting to electric induction technologies. Not only has the cooking style changed but there have been many changes in the design of a kitchen.

Today with the developing world there are new technologies being added to the kitchen and also there are various designs to choose from. The designs of kitchen have become so advanced that they can satisfy everyone’s likes.

Open kitchen design ideas for luxury villa
Open kitchen design idea inspiration

There are designs for small kitchen and also for big kitchen. Designing a kitchen is not an easy task, from paint to the type of utensil stand to be used is to be planned before hand. So here are some ideas for your kitchen.

Small kitchen design with proper lightingSmall kitchen design with proper lighting
Small kitchen design with proper lighting

Ideas to Design Kitchen

Keeping it Simple

Never overdo designing for a kitchen, though it might give the kitchen a good look but it will make it hard to work in. Keep the design of the kitchen simple and try to create as much space as possible for yourself. Do not add unnecessary cabinets as it gives a claustrophobic look to your kitchen. A U shaped layout us one of the best for kitchen.

Simple kitchen design ideas.
Simple kitchen design ideas


Lighting in a kitchen is very important and should be done properly. Your kitchen should have ample amount of lighting but also the lights should not be too bright as they make the working environment unpleasant to work in. Instead of using a single high power tube light use a combination of different small bulbs.

Simple contemporary kitchen interior design
Simple contemporary kitchen interior design

Use of Tiles

People usually avoid using tiles in the kitchen to give it a pleasant look but in the long run it is really hard to clean all the oil and other stuff that starts accommodating on the walls. Using tiles makes the kitchen look beautiful and also the tiles are easy to clean and long lasting.

Tiles make kitchen design beautiful.
Tiles make kitchen design beautiful

Keeping it Covered

With the new technologies developing there has been a concept of modular kitchens in the house. A modular kitchen basically tries to make use of fittings on cabinets to accommodate as much stuff as possible and keeping it within closed doors away from dust and rodents.

White kitchen with chimney covered
White kitchen with chimney covered

The space below the counter can be utilized for cabinets that can hold utensils, daily spices and other frequently used stuff, and these cabinets should be near to the cooking area for easy and quick access.

Top kitchen design ideas in white color from homedecorbuzz
Top kitchen design ideas in white color

Elegency of Tri-color

Using combination of three colors in decorating kitchen can give an elegant look to the kitchen design. Green color on walls and white cabinets can really make space beautiful. Black marble should be used on white kitchen countertop and island can beautify space.

White-black kitchen cabinet island with green walls for kitchen interior design
White-black kitchen cabinet island with green walls for kitchen interior design

Smoke Stays Out

Using chimneys to carry out the smoke generated whilst cooking has now become a common practice. Gone are the days when this smoke was considered as a source to tell what is being cooked in a kitchen. Chimneys come in all shapes and sizes and are also a bit costly so choosing one is not easy. Stone Kitchens don’t look ugly with smoke due to their color.

Stone kitchen design
Stone kitchen design

While choosing a chimney always keep in mind that it should cover at least the cooking area, it should be silent in working and should be effective and long lasting.

Different color & art

When talking about having art and colour, bohemian style can really make your kitchen design look amazing. One of the recent photography gives an idea of having small plant, flower pot on the dining table. Painting on the walls can be a good idea.

Boho kitchen decor in white color
Boho kitchen decor in white color

Patterns on the wall make space delightful and gives pleasure to eyes.

Bring Nature to Kitchen

In this pollutant world, saving nature is a difficult task. The smoke produced in kitchen, will definitely be axed from chimney but still if we can bring some natural elements in the space, we can make the kitchen environment clean. Plants can make the environment amazing and it will enhance the kitchen decoration.

Nature in kitchen with plants
Nature in kitchen with plants

Do you like these kitchen decorating ideas? If yes then share it with your friends also. If you have got more ideas regarding kitchen design then mention them in comment section. 🙂

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