Beautiful look of small kitchen interior design.

5 Small Kitchen Ideas Just For You

Kitchen is the heart of home, isn’t it?

Well you think about it for a while but you would easily agree that it’s true. A kitchen keeps on pumping food (pun intended) for the complete house and keeps its residents alive, same ways as the heart does it for the human body. With the increasing population of the world and scarcity of space to live in, not everyone can afford a huge villa or a mansion.

In fact most of us middle class people live in flats or apartments that usually are cheap on pocket and thus have a scarcity of space. With the ever decreasing size of our homes the kitchen size has also reduced and it has become difficult to accommodate all the stuff (Crookeries, utensils and other usable stuff). When space is limited, it takes proper planning to devise a multi-functional and aesthetically appealing kitchen.

Small Kitchen Ideas Just For You.

To solve these problems designer are everyday coming up with new solutions which offer more in less space. Here are some designs that will help you create some breathing room in your typically small kitchen.

5 Small Kitchen Ideas

Looks Matter

You may have a small kitchen which may totally lack the architectural beauty of a larger kitchen but that doesn’t mean that it has to look plain. You can up the ante by adding stylish counter tops surfaces, fixtures, cabinets, proper lighting.

Beautiful look of small kitchen interior design.

You can also use folding storage cabinets, in corners you can use a rotating shelf that will let you use the complete corner and will have more space than a normal corner shelve and also look great too. For a cohesive look you can consider using different materials to create a mix board with different swatches etc.

Focus on Function

The main chore of a kitchen is to cook a meal. So if you have a small kitchen then this idea might just be right for you. Use scaled down appliances like pint sized microwaves, small refrigerators, stoves with just two burners; single sink etc.

If the space in your kitchen comes at a premium then you can consider a small scale island or a counter-topped cart that can be rolled over when not in use. Also avoid having too many cupboard over the top as it might make your kitchen a bit claustrophobic instead trade in for open storage, shelves, also you can use magnetic knife holder etc.

U Shaped Kitchen

Even if you are short on space you can still make the most of it and in an elegant way. U shaped kitchen offer many storage spaces and also look great. On one side you can place the stove and use the below counter space for storage and for the opposite side boot space i.e., below counter space and also some storage boxes can be placed above the counter as well.

U Shaped Small Kitchen decor.


The first time when you enter a room mostly your eyes first see the floor. Imagine having dust bunny or scuffed floor. Eew right..? So, it’s better to invest a little bit in flooring as well. You can use some pattern for your floor using linoleum, marmoleum. Also as thee area to be covered up is quite less so you can also have a look at tumbled marble. One can also use a more Eco-friendly flooring made out of cork.

Small kitchen design by homedecorbuzz

Embrace The Space

Do not try to mask the space of your kitchen instead embrace the space and make the most out of it. Use the island as the breakfast table or if you don’t have a wall above the counter then place some big chairs and use it as a hangout place. It really makes the kitchen look beautiful and help you makes the most from that space.

What do think about these small kitchen ideas? If you like this blog post then share it with your friends. Also if you have some ideas for small kitchens, then mention them in comment section.


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