Hanging shelf for bathroom-decor

Rustic Bathroom Shelves

Shelving is a must for storage or to add a bit to the decor. They are the perfect solution as they are frugal, easy and also adds beauty to the house. They can be used to store beauty supplies in the bathroom, baby items in the nursery etc.

They are easy to create, they install like floating shelves and also they are reinforced for added strength as they give loads of storage space and take very few materials to build. Best thing about creating them is that not much money is spent on them. There can be many ideas to make rustic bathroom shelves.

1. Branch Shelves:

Branch shelves have always been beautiful, practical and frugal all at the same time. Same sized branches should be searched and make sure to cut them evenly. Small branches should be added so as to ensure more security. Shelving can then be added, which can be made out of plywood or usage of light stones or cut off pieces of stumps can be done.

Branch shelf for bathroom
Branch shelf for bathroom

2. Reclaimed Wood Shelves:

Floating shelves are made with reclaimed wood. The best thing about these is that they have drawers which can be used to store office supplies and other items in the drawers which can be completely hidden from view.

Elegant wood shelves for bathroom
Elegant wood shelves for bathroom

3. Hanging Shelf:

This is perfect for small bathrooms as they just need couple of pine, whitewood boards, wood glue and some rope. A board will be needed to build the shelf and one to build the frame. It all comes together beautifully and is perfect where something little is needed and building of entire shelving unit is not required.

Hanging shelf for bathroom-decor
Hanging shelf for bathroom-decor

4. Display Shelf:

They are the shelves to the powder room to hold pretty toiletries. This can be made by removing the back of an old wine crate or wooden box. Shelves are then made to fit inside the box and a bit of glamour can be added by fastening a gilded frame onto the front of the unit. It can also be spray painted for an antique finish.

5. Stacked End Table Shelf:

This is one brilliant, adorable and a very functional shelving unit. This can be made using just an old table. The old table should be divided into half and then can be used to build a shelving unit. There can be a lot of space to store different types of towels, or anything else a person wants to display in the bathroom. Also, it secures the wall perfectly as it even holds the most treasured possessions.

6. Pallet Shelf:

Pallets are the versatile units and they are cheap too. A beautiful shelf can be made with an old pallet that is both frugal and functional. The little pallet shelf then can be used to store the shampoo, conditioner, body wash bottles etc. The rustic look of a pallet shelf looks gorgeous and more than one can be built with a single pallet.

7. Honeycomb Shelves:

They are the prettiest of all and hold a lot of stuff. Any number of shelves can be added to this honeycomb shelf. It can be built in bathroom for holding hair essentials and other smaller items.

8. Simple Wood Shelf:

If the corner or the wall of the bathroom is empty, then this simple wood shelf can be built for more storage space. Just a piece of plywood and a few smaller boards are needed to create the actual shelf. It looks just standing in the bathroom, but can also be attached to the wall. Also, it holds a loads of bathroom supplies like makeup and jars of things.

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  1. Wow… Great work! Rustic shelves looks amazing in bathroom. These can provide extra storage to bathroom. Your shelving ideas are great. I got some wonderful ideas from your article. Thanks for sharing.

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