Lovely yellow-blue kitchen interior design

How to Design a Yellow-Blue Kitchen

Sunny warm yellow and serene cool blue make for classic kitchen design. Up the ante with this fabulous festive colour scheme. It is easy to maintain and sports a casual chic look. Yellow is a colour which immediately brings cheer to the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the entire home. Cheery kitchens are a promise of a cheerful cook. Blue adds depth and variety. The cool tones of blue tone down the exuberance of the bright yellows making a stunning interior design.

Yellow-blue kitchen decorating ideas
Yellow-blue kitchen decorating ideas

Shades that go together

Let us talk about the shades of both colours that gel exceptionally well in your kitchen. The trick is to balance bright shades from one colour and temper it with a paler shade from the other colour. A bright teal kitchen can be highlighted with touches of butter yellow and accents of gold.

On the other end of the spectrum, a bright lemon yellow can be teamed with navy blue to create a visually stunning kitchen. Bright yellows are complemented by paler shades of sky, aqua and can be enhanced by using accents of a darker hue in the same shade of blue.

Designer speak

“Blue and yellow are complementary colours on the colour wheel. They can be used to great contrasting effect as yellow is a colour that brings a glow to the kitchen while blue keeps the look cool. Too much contrast in the shades used can have a jarring effect. Be careful about mixing the shades in the correct proportion”, cautions Pooja Bagri of Bagri Interiors.

Best yellow and blue color kitchen interior design
Best yellow and blue color kitchen interior design

“Dark blue can become a little gloomy if used by itself“. says Zaman of Mark Interiors, “add splashes of bright lemon or butter yellow to maximize light and cheer in your kitchen”

Colour combinations in a yellow and blue kitchen

Imagine yellow walls in a bright canary yellow shade with dark blue cabinets, a white blonde veined marble counter top and floors. Add .white summery window drapes with a blue and yellow pattern and blue appliances. A yellow rug or stool can add cheerful accents to create a wholesome and attractive colour scape.

Lovely yellow-blue kitchen interior design
Lovely yellow-blue kitchen interior design

Dark blue and yellow patterned wall and floor tiles create a good base to work on. A bright cobalt blue cabinets or open shelving combined with yellow countertops and accents of white to tone down the effect creates a modern look.

Paint your kitchen white and adorn with dark blue cabinets. Add a bright yellow touch with sunshine yellow appliances and accessories and backsplash for a dazzling finish.

What to avoid in a blue and yellow kitchen

Try and avoid going overboard with bright shades, as both blue and yellow have some strong hues which may clash very badly. You should ideally combine yellow and blue in  light shades and add strong accents in bolder shades.

It is also very important to make the décor clutter free and fuss free to create a small haven where you can live your culinary dreams.

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