Modern furniture ideas by homedecorbuzz

Step by Step Guide to Decorate Home

Perfect home decoration is beautiful yet simple, vibrant yet subtle. From colour to furniture to decoration all should be according to your preference and taste. If you are planning to decorate your new home, then allow us to guide you for a beautiful outcome.

Modern furniture ideas by homedecorbuzz

Here are some pro tips.

Step by step guide for decorating home

1. Make a wishlist, first

A home is a place where we are most comfortable and spend most of the time. Mostly all of us have the idea of a dream home. Before starting the decoration of that house of dreams plan out properly. Make a list of the rooms which will be allotted for which purpose and accordingly the decoration can be done.

2. Plan out properly

If you are appointing a professional for the home décor consult with them beforehand about your preference and choice. Set a budget and be clear with the instruction. Elevate the look of your home with the expert’s touch which will surely impress the viewers.

3. Start with the colour

Wall paint and colours may a significant part in changing the appearance of the house. Choose from the wide variety of patterns, textures for the wall and ceiling colours. Redefine your style with subtle motifs on the wall. Select colour according to your personality. If you want to go for a dramatic look for the living room go for dark shades. Choose pop shades for children’s room to add fun and vibrancy to the room.

4. Matching accessories

Choosing furniture is a difficult task. As it should mandatorily match with the overall feel of the house. If you want to bring the classic back, go for wooden furniture – bed, almirah, armchair and other accessories that will bring about the vintage charm. But of you are planning to go with the contemporary flow choose from a wide range of quirky accessories for decoration.

Go for something unique to make your home unforgettable for your guests. Choose decorative pieces that reflect your own style and personality too. From chic upcycled glass bottles to vintage flintlock pistol replicas, the list of unique accessories goes on and on. The possibilities are endless!

5. Kitchen

For people who love to cook the kitchen is their paradise. Make use of the available space in the kitchen properly. Go for modular kitchen to make it look tidy and stylish. The colour and décor of it should complement the rest of the home.

6. Living room

Living rooms are the first thing people notice after entering the house. So it is the reflection of the entire home. Keep the accessories and furniture minimal here. Use space intelligently. You can dedicate one portion of the room to store books and make a small in house library.

Colourful rugs and floral print curtains will look enchanting. If u wish to ditch the sofas go for bean bags for a quirky vibe. Some decorative lights and house flower plants will set the right mood of the living room.

6. Lawn

The courtyard, lawn, patio are the main attraction for children. Use the available space properly. Plan a small nursery in the space to give a green touch. You can even put up a swing where children can spend a lazy evening with some of their favourite storybooks.

Decorating a home is not as easy as it sounds but with these easy-to-follow steps, you will be good to go!

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